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Dream Fentanyl ChemsUsa Store apologizes

darknet Dream Fentanyl ChemsUsa Store apologizes
Darknet Dream Fentanyl ChemsUsa Store apologizes

Updated July 27, 2019

Full USO statement:

The representative of the county of New York, Jeffrey S. Berman, Rick Hard Castro, a / c / a Chemsusa, announced.
a / k / a Chems_usa, a / k / Chemical_usa, a / k / Jagger109, now charged with financial participation
The repeating phases include a combination of carphenanyl, fentanyl and fentanyl analogs, including alpha B and E0. CASTRO also
admitted to raising more than $ 4 million. CASTRO pleaded guilty in a U.S. district court
Denise L. Cat.

Jeffrey S. Berman Manhattan’s spokesman said: Introduction
Today, for many years, Richard Castro has used the Internet as a guide
Very effective opioids, including fentanyl and
Helena Castro thinks she can hide behind her name
Use the wrong word on the internet to fight websites and chemo_sa and so on
Chemical_usa. Thanks to our law enforcement partner, Chimes_sa Sim
Currently in American prisons

The statement was made at Richard’s request
Fidel Castro pleaded guilty to charges and lawsuits.

From November 2015 to March 2019, Fidel intends to make a decision
Carpenten, fentanyl and phenyl fentanyl (similar to fentanyl)
Fentanyl is a stronger synthetic opioid.
Heroin and carpentanil contain about one hundred fentanyl-like substances.
The multiplication of fentanyl is preferable to most Fidel and A.
The federal conspiracy uses fraudsters to distribute drugs in the dark.
There are companies like Chemsusa, Chems_usa and Chemical_usa Castro.
Only supporters and leaders of this online conspiracy are in the dark
In the Internet market, the Dream Market CASTRO is proud to do more.
Many other markets are unclear on the Internet, including 3,200 deals
1800 on AlphaBay. Included in Chamsus reviews
Very strong and confident as a carpenter.
Mix well. Keep up the good work.

In June 2018, Castro released the name Chamsus
Business user from the dark web market
They will only receive drug requests in encrypted emails
Chems_usa must be available to search for email addresses outside the market.
When the buyer pays this fee, the security officer will pay the commission
When you pay, you will receive an encrypted and registered email address
Fidel Castro’s partner, Fidel Luis Fernandez, provides medicines.
On behalf of the conspirators, including New York

CASTRO customers pay like Bitcoin and Castro cleans it.
Medications are available in many forms.
Bitcoin makes about 100 wallet purchases
Zimbabwe has $ 4 million.

Under the agreement, Castro decided to resign
$ 4,156,198.18, including bankruptcy or seven
Bitcoin wallet address.


Richard Richard, 36, of Windermere, Florida, pleaded not guilty
Encourages shipping and meets delivery goals
The three controlled substances are carfentanyl, phenylphenyl and
fentanyl following a 10-year penal rule
Imprisonment and release from prison; With the same person
Transportation, 20 years in prison. int
The Council’s biggest decision is coming to an end
For information purposes only during the judgment
The judge is decided by the judge. The test is installed
October 25, 2019, 2:30 p.m.

Mr. Burman thanks for the federal research in the United States.
Consumer Research Service, New York State Police
Research. Mr. Burman apologized
Orange County Orange, Florida, Sheriff
Office to help with this problem.

The pharmacy department is responsible for this problem.
Assistant Attorney Michael de Neff, Line R Flood, USA
Chairman of the Board Ryan B.


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