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Dreamer AlphaBay and Seattle were sentenced to eight years in prison

The 40-year-old Seattle was sentenced by federal authorities to eight years in prison on Tuesday.
The illegal drug Fentanyl in the dark network.

According to court documents, Matthew Weyers bought more than $ 1,300 worth of auctions on AlfaBa and Dream
Market websites between 2015 and

At that hearing, Judge S. Cogonor turned around and said he had sold the water.
Numerous medications.

Fentanyl sellers who make money on public safety have the right to interview prisoners.
U.S. Ambassador Brian T. Morein said the business of these products is open not only to end users but also to consumers
Postal workers or family members may be exposed to toxic substances.

According to the case file, her contact details were created by the head of water and law
The website address found drug-related properties in Oklahoma and California.

The sale of water was completed in Alpha Bay when the law firm closed in July 2017 and in Waters on December 10.
2018, 10.

The next day, authorities allowed the sewer drain to be stored in a safety closet. Not inside
$ 165,000, large controlled items, paper and stamps, and fully firearms.

He has been taking him to jail since jail time, and he was indicted in June at a meeting that sent guards.


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