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Dutch police are investigating a case of malware Rubella and Dryad

darknet Dutch police are investigating a case of malware Rubella and Dryad
Darknet Dutch police are investigating a case of malware Rubella and Dryad

National police have arrested a boxer accused of creating and selling various crimes such as cancer.
And this man is tired of many hacker forums. The same names may be in doubt
You play in front of your computer.

According to police, the victim presented his deeds under the name of Stone and Trio under the name of the seller.
Install code and / or errors in Word or Excel documents.

New suit in many sports sessions. Finally, all these names are kept in Utrecht
He was arrested inside the computer. Police said they helped find the two suspects
Private companies, including cyber security firm McAfee.

According to the police, developed by the prosecutor’s office, a macro called “rubella” was found.
From a hundred dollars to a thousand euros. Macro Builder is a set of tools that combines the hidden text of code.
For office documents like Excel and Word. The password is hidden when you open these documents
Was carried out. This code can delete or hide bad people and work on your devices. Macro section
Send the documents in a way not indicated by the immunologist.

The suspect has several credit card numbers and credit card tips, credit card details of the fraud.
The young man has received thousands of login information. It is not clear what he will do when he leaves office.
Police said. The suspect collected nearly 20,000 information about cryptocurrency, including bitcoin. AN
Provide interim delivery within a specific time frame.

Police said more investigations are underway. The prosecutor decided to sue the suspect
Judgment date is not specified.

In a blog post, John Focker, a senior Internet researcher at McAfee, discussed tools for building a dungeon.
Dryad and Rubella, for example, have responded to the growing demand online for mobile games.

With the arrest of the suspects, Dryad and Rubella Macro’s time is up. Based on his work, the defendant
Online employees are professionally trained as entrepreneurs, but in their age, that is a major concern, Javvad said.
Malik, a security consultant at knowBe4, said it’s good to hear about the inclusion of new thinkers, who are looking for more
Criminal cases. Money flow is less about lack of opportunities or knowledge
There are six. Technology companies need to work with home solutions
More steps are expected, such as preventing young children from joining a gang
For the lawyer, he says.

Hacker Oven rival Tucker Davis says the best way to educate your kids is to show them
The advantage of stealing a white hat. He further said that this is a service whose honor, dignity,
And money, like black, without the hassle of going to jail.


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