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ECh0raix for the latest ransomware is attacking QNAP NAS secretly

Updated July 17, 2019

Anomaly releases new tools
Network Storage (NAS) is developed by the QNAP system.

Follow the redemption numbers and e-C digits
It was first discovered in June where the idea lies
Questions. It was not very accessible at the time and many were unknown
The reasons for the NAP movement are focused on NAS Equipment Research
The SEC told reporters. However, it is not the cause of the damage to the device
I am not sure

This tool is often used to store and store important information.
Anomaly said it would be the importance of a grant.

He stressed that neglect is not dangerous
QNAP devices are only affected if they have a limited access certificate.

Investigators claim that the dangerous player was interrogated
Network for QNAP server, security for next generation applications
Key. The potential features of QNAAP NAS are not yet known.
There are also exceptions
Intel x86. We believe it at home and at home

Pests penetrate the device
Get the certificate and use Anaphylia with known vulnerabilities
The researchers wrote. After killing the device, kill 9 processes.
Make sure the file is already hidden and do not change the file extension
Make the file accessible using encryption and encryption.

Then the message of the ransom will be sent.

All your personal information is stored.
How to write tips on this site (write) TOR: locale]
Use TOR to download the files.

Do not delete this file and do not delete the last line of this file!

The nature of ransomware is very simple
400 lines will be drawn.

Content is entered at the URL
he said he was ordered to
sg3dwqfpnr4sl5honion server and proxy SOCKS5 Tor 192.99.20661: 65000 on
to make


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