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Economics and economics Bitbazaar

darknet Economics and economics Bitbazaar
Darknet Economics and economics Bitbazaar

How are you all, I think everyone did well. As you know, the Bitcoin market no longer exists, we don’t know
It is not security, theft or arrest. One of the most interesting markets we visited was the Beat Bazaar.
In him. It quickly grew to the central market.

We have talked a lot with her boss over the past few months. April 2020
There, we talked about the different aspects of their income and the websites they didn’t know. Sorry we don’t have time
So one post, but for now we will interview you without asking about your happiness.

Q: UFO: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what should you do? (Welcome to your service)

Bit Marketing Manager: I am one of the market watchers and I am responsible for monitoring and controlling my client’s traffic.
To reduce spam and non-destructive applications, we reduce user activity and block shipping.

C. Guests: Please give me a PGP signed confirmation that I know you are a BitBazaar administrator?

Bitbazar Administrator:
In stock: SHA512

I am one of the leaders of BitBazaar and I answered this interview.

—– Start with PGP signing —–

O2kZ4A / + LsVIEyZyJWexWKlJnDNEK0vHyPl3fdbvM / mjhK + OF3JMoC4tLrBIoixC
bcZvIBKWfOnikDRCQ / dB5uZELSYNM6zr64DTd8P9IZZ6anvYllMk8 + PSGsSzHxH
C / 0STO5xlxvBTiUz + GC6LX6VDT4bLTUYYjX0cEk8TyZ / PEJkNfaeRF4fomrpdrbF
sl28zjw3KGCT + A / HRugMRURzHhF6r3WAy18ONtPLfCFpAQpHWAQa2AxK7i + 8Ewxy
K + UtKQI6bua5LKM + nd98bMdgaqiqmnucdJ5tpKyIWMLU76rXDK3y7hVZk9R / FKoO
DeOVouC5IfkGyJhyMbKkc + / MaT9WbFQl3FpvFJz9nV9YRMJU / + 4Mxj176hhC + c0I
3FHaC7KrBs5y2d0w3boMbHMPqdhF3q45Jg / DK / F3bderh56wk7aUjKTzPgLuHNVs
VDCxhUiDdT1G2aaVVd + XZRCX6m + yBn6pxcu2hunWdEb83ktKoonAq5v3EB0wNhI
MIY4dFniCUJ / mTBdLknGTbCbEks067l7p3uqX2DjQpJeiKNrasM3jVnArmD31Mp0
Euh2LxLl5OXtDqBuYVdr5DmVGIOlV + rdZ0rWmRJJz6khf / tkWdA =
= XwEc
—– PGP complete signature —–

C. Guest: Can we tell the story of Bituber (unknown)?

Bitcoin Management: The administrator is a former Darknet user who, unfortunately, has cheated us many times and started
Develop a new and innovative market that we will never be afraid of again. At that time
We learned from friends and coffee that BitCoin will hit the market in a few months. It was difficult
Because we are constantly attacked, but it makes us stronger than ever.

C. Unknown: Why is the BBBI market different from other markets? How to make money?
Do you have an advantage over others?

Bit Bazaar Management: We are constantly working to create the best location and market for a safer and safer market. Greatest
These include: Increasing Sales (eBay) Users can buy anonymous names without creating valid accounts.
The request has nothing to do with account information, and each invoice has its own invoice and invoice code.
The server is fully functional after 2 hours of installation (generates ~ -10-10 minutes).
Multiple sessions (BTC, XMR, LTC, DAS, ETH and BCH) for traders are valued at 1%.
Commission not less than 20% for cable users. Sns

C. Far: How do you see the growth in the number of users on the list and in sales after Apollo was embarrassed? How much is it
Marketing (list / some users)?

Bit Bazaar Management: Our list has grown by almost 200% and the number of users has grown by 646%. We ignore the platform;
We increased the number of registered users from 64% to 646, but this is increasing. We have +1,000,000 lists and 97,000,000

C. Foreigners: How much do you earn (approximately)? I know you / your team work in an endless market.

Bitmap Administrator: We cannot provide this information. We put the lowest payment on Darknetnet (only 1%) so we couldnt get it
many benefits, but we have to pay employees, protect servers and create new features and security
updates from our community.

Q. Alien: Do you do PGP encryption or do you have access to PGP / 2FA?

Bitbazaar Server: Our FAQ page has a special section for the customer and recommends 2FA stocks. Today is ours
By applying 2FA to suppliers, we will do our best to teach consumers how to use our system.
has its own encryption service in which all confidential information can be automatically encrypted before being sent to other
users / service providers.

Q Strangers: What do you think about BitBazaar? How does your market grow and grow in six to twelve months?

Pitbazaar Administrator: As I said, we are trusted, secure and for the .NET community.
The perfect place to fight for freedom. We’ve come a long way recently with some famous outside designers and always want to keep
the bit market up to date.
The platform is always safe to keep our crew safe and is the best feature to make sure they stay here.
Serve our community. What is our goal for the next ten and twelve months? We want to be 3rd in 6 months
It is sold in large markets and is responsible for at least 20% of trotting transactions. We want to get there in 12 months
Get at least 50% of the trades in the market number. 1 and web draft.

C Overseas: What is the current number of employees in the PIT market?

Pitbazaar Administrator: Our team consists of 6 security professionals, developers, editors and support staff.

C. Strangers: Do you have security guards who can answer customer questions or answer important customer decisions?
Basic market security? Has the beta market software been tested for software bugs?

Bitcoin Manager: Yes, our platform is monitored daily and thats why we look to security experts to detect new attacks.
Transformation and testing on the Bitburys platform. We recommend 24 hours a day and are always ready to receive complaints and
It is also included in our education system.

Third. The immigrants believe they have fulfilled the master plan of the merchants and workers. How does it slow down previous
You attack your brand when most brands are darknet right?

Bitcoin Manager: The first time to deal with a major DDoS attack, experienced users will remember when we start the Christmas
We have been fighting this war for just two weeks. Thanks to the community support, we are stronger than +100
Bitcoin fixing servers slow down the Internet and all attacks, we have a great platform at Darknet
Ahia. We send 600,000 applications every day and every day, but our surgeons are very successful
It’s very good but it’s slowing down.

C. Visitors: We found that you are using the same DDoS CAPTCHA, developed by Dreads Manager HugBunter. I don’t think it’s
Using another code manager’s code? Do you control the back door?

Minor Marketing Manager: Our CAPTCHA drawings do not match the label. We check your code and create our wallet based on that
So we can be 100% confident.

C. Foreigners: Can you still get a ddosd? How good is this captcha?

Bitbazaar Admin: The CAPTCHA format is very good because a few days ago we were told that we were sending 400,000 requests per
second, but it
Captcha helped us to replicate the attack.

Foreigners: Do you seek advice from market users to ensure safe and secure use?

Bit Bazaar Management: Users are always encouraged to use it (or cubes + Wonix) to create JavaScript Tori and
Always protect the PGP2FA method to ensure their safety and avoid financial loss. We can only recommend again
Visit our device using official URLs (e.g. links provided by, do not trust anyone to upload files
Different relationships. Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information before sending it to another user.

third. Guest: Is there anything I want to say you want to add?

Bitbazar Guide: We would like to thank for this call and the opportunity to show you more.
Bitcoin History and Key Principles. We stop and try to stay here and always help and do.
Especially in the black community, we are sure you now have a full market, security and safety. Have fun
Use blindness, Bitcoin.

At the end of the conversation

I hope you have read this interview.

Best regards,
C outside


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