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Email Gateway uses Fisher Captcha to avoid scans

The test was changed to Turing
and People Instead of stealing used automated systems and
Internet. The cyber government is using Captcha method
A simple URL review shows, says Cofense researchers

New technologies have restricted the use of email security
This gateway and open source (SEG) in this case are suitable for URL replacement,
That way, they can counter the threat, the researchers said in a blog post

The recipient received a fake email
The @ culture lies in the shadow of the local archive
voip2mail service provider. The email sends a new voice message to the recipient
a letter. The idea is expressed in a very simple way
by pressing the try button to host the voice mail client
for all balloons.

This button is a real connection
which converts content into pages with captcha
Recognition is human and not user
According to a robot written by Google, Cofens wrote in terror to Fabio researchers
Rodrigues in a blog post.

Greenhouse gases are now approved
Failed. SEO Og does not close and finish bad pages
Code Code CAPTCHA has no hidden content on this site.
As such, GHG can determine this safely and allows the user to pass.

Once the verification process is complete,
The fraud page appears to be a fake Microsoft account
Special page and login if this is the beginning then the perpetrator volunteered

Rodriguez writes that the CoptCHA website and Program website are located on the MSFT Foundation.

All are valid from Microsoft
Domain level, so make sure they don’t conflict with reputable domains
The seed detects inappropriate values and makes the pages safer again.

These attacks indicate that the search for expertise in the field of electronic theft is often inadequate and criminals will find
a way.
Chase, Javed Malik, Nalbi Security Advocate 4.

So, any supervisor
At that time, it is important to provide security awareness and training.
Users who find and speak suspicious emails said that.

RSA agrees Chris Miller, Regional Director for UK and Ireland. The best way to handle this is to test employees and training.
The problem, he said.

Less than one in ten animals
Provide continuous training for employees on detecting employee attacks.
Safety training is usually done once per group.
how to take. It is not enough.

Staff should be trained and updated on-site
The risk of safety hazards after a hazardous operation
Find out how and how to deal with digital disasters
He was right.

It is important to educate and empower as many users as possible
Be a customer or a company. All members
We need to understand what digital disasters look like
They can take advantage of these opportunities by protecting themselves. He acts wisely
There is still a day when you can be protected from risk.


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