Empire Market Review

Empire Market is a Darknet Market, which is open and free to register in. Users don’t have to provide any personal information to pass the registration, they only should fill in username, password and the 6-digit PIN fields.
Empire Market is easy to use for everyone, who has any experience of using the internet and especially for those who have used Darknet Markets before.
Empire Market also provides an opportunity to become a vendor. First, you need to create a buyer account, and then you should click on a “become a vendor” button. In order to become a vendor, you should pay a $200 security deposit, which will be returned to you if you close your vendor account. But there is a way to do it absolutely for free. In this case, you should have a status of a trusted vendor on another trusted Darknet market.
Nowadays, there are 4060 products on the Empire Market. The most wide-spread and popular category is drugs and chemicals, which includes 1587 products, such as Cannabis, hash, stimulants, benzos, weed and others. “Fraud” products are on the second place with the amount of 733 products, such as accounts and bank drops, dumps, CVV and others. Other categories are security, hosting, digital goods, weapons, carded items, jewelry, etc.
Empire Market, the main successor of the late Alphabay Market, is one of the most valuable and prosperous deepnet marketplace existing for now. It has just the same interface and design, still it evaluated some new features:
Registration is totally free, requiring login, password and 6-digit PIN. Simple in use, it’s interface is intuitive, especially for experienced darkweb users.
Vendor bond costs only a few hundred bucks, reputed vendors from other markets may even not pay the deposit. To become a vendor you should find and press on the “become a vendor” button.
Empire Market is famous for it’s Autoshop and Security Measures (Security Pin, Escrow, Multising and 2-FA, as well as recovery and login phrases).
Some statistics about the market: number of products exceeds 15k, among them drug-related category takes the most part, next is the “Fraud” part (account data, banking info, CVV etc.). Marketplace also has other goods and services (excluding security and hitman services) for sale, such as weapons, digital stuff and so on.
Mainly inspired by Alphabay, Empire market is growing in a tremendously fast mode. This is a brief article, describing the main points of it.
Quantity and variability of goods for sale:
Counterfeit items
Digital products
Jewels % gold
Carded items
And other
Overall amount of listings is close to fifteen thousands, more than half is dedicated to the Drugs & Chemicals category. Here you can find Ecstasy, Steroids, Cannabis and even Alcohol.
At the moment Empire supports 2 kinds of Autoshop, The CC (Credit Cards) and Account ones. First one lets you buy and even check for reliability stolen credit cards and their CVV in an easier way. Account one is the same, but it sells the accounts of some premium websites like Spotify, Netflix, PayPal etc.
Banned Items and Services:
Those are CP, murder and security services, Prostitution.
Vendor bond is $200, reputed vendors are welcomed and able not to pay any deposit. In order to become a vendor, you’re required to press the “Become a vendor” button and fill in some information (no personal data for sure).
Empire Market did payed a particular attention to that, won’t you feel worried about your protection, as Escrow, Multisig, PGP, 2-FA in addition to Login Phrase are implemented.
Overall, the Empire Market only lacks in the accepted currencies sphere: only Monero and Bitcoin are accepted, but it’s not that big of a deal.


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