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English pedophilia, which has experienced violent violence against children, will be eradicated

Updated July 18, 2019

A website that entertains children and disbelievers is thrown behind bars.

Daniel Owen, 23, has also experienced child pornography, including videos depicting the most traumatic events.

Daniel Owen [over 36,000 illegal images
Police identified his home during a search operation in October last year.

Judge Hugh Rees said the group had shown anger, violence and dissatisfaction with the presence of the young man and the film.
More than words

PenysarnFawr, Penysarn, Anglesey, Owen worked as a guide, and is described as a traveler.

The Crown Prince today announced information that will be disclosed to adults online.

Judge Rees told him that Don would not be seriously ill.

But the psychologist said you interact with each other.

According to the judge, Owens pleaded guilty to sex
Children are content with their own sexual identities and interests
They were children.

Attorney Ellen Owen said she has cameras and equipment.

There are no children in the photos and movies
However, it is very difficult to determine their exact age
Not added yet

Officials said they were clearly offended when someone was arrested.

In her case, with increasing care, it was a real occasion
He added that it is possible to control children and reduce the risk.

Owen admitted that 13 stories are not true.

This includes cultural and sexual involvement of children and the formation of a negative image of young people

Owen said he was taking false pictures of the police
Remove the dry, clean cover from the dirty cloth
He knew it was wrong.

The theme uses video chat software.

In an online interview, he finds himself in a situation where there are two boys and a girl of about six years.

Sometimes the girl said she had seen thirteen after her
Make it clear: God, I’m afraid.

Today, Owen was sentenced to 6 years and 2 months in prison.

Upon resignation, he will be issued to the Discount Board
Two-thirds of the fine, but the license period
It lasted three years.

He should be registered as a sex offender for life and ordered to be sexually assaulted.


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