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Eurobos is the second largest network of counterfeit currency in Portugal

The Portuguese police are investigating him to call him Europe
The second largest monetary network in a company
With the support of Europol.

The authorities arrested five suspects
And A members accused of falsifying documents.
Organized crime

The defendants were arrested after making counterfeit money
In France, it is estimated that there are over 3.3 million. (43 1.43 million)
Germany, Spain and Portugal.

The reasons for arresting the accused in connection with this act,
The researchers searched eight homes and businesses
1833 Addresses from which false messages are received
Total value 69.930.

Other tools, as well as containers and other items were found
Tools used to make counterfeit money like computers
Printers, protection sheets and protection sheets, holograms
Geographic tapes with adhesive veins and ultraviolet radiation

In a statement, Europol said: “Europol has supported all movements
Many meetings start with a lie and a black job
This happened in Europe and a smart alert package was published
Patio people

European law enforcement agencies in addition to financial assistance
Agent of the Portuguese authorities i
Supports daily work

Europol analysts received a mobile phone subsidy directly from the office on the day of the operation.

The arrests came after Interpol held a meeting in the French city of Lyon.
Financial money laundering activity, and in particular the black website by enabling illegal trade by banking banks.

The agency is also experimenting with new methods of rapid destruction
Banknotes, security and the current state of savings
Equipment, problems with bank availability
Inkjet print design and operating system writing.

According to Europol [
Spending money remains a major issue in law enforcement
Save without adding digital taxes
Reduce costs

The European Law Enforcement Agency has an example of criminal activity
Still, this group continues to make fake newspapers
Better tools and equipment needed for that
The cost of torture is readily available on the black web
Shops in the city.

Spanish police announced in April that the crime network behind them was very active behind the euro.
Don’t forget to print things that have never been published in the country.


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