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Europa Basset Darnett caught his leader InfinityBack in Poland

A group of hackers called InfinitiBlack hacked and published expensive information about expensive electronic hackers.
Polish police with the help of Europol.

Created in late 2018, the group is developing online catalogs for the sale of information users called combos.

After the applicant fills out the application certificate, the group sells it
In other criminal groups, they exchanged messages of loyalty
Advanced electronic device.

Researchers have made a rare claim to bring a large sum to Switzerland, resulting in the loss of 50,000 euros.

They were found to have stolen data from Swiss stores.

After the group was arrested in Switzerland, Polish police confronted the gang members.

Police say the group could suffer a loss of more than 10,000.

The law
Officials from six states cleared six districts
Provinces, take five with hateful members
Endless lies.

Approximately 100,000,000 electronics, devices and cryptocurrency wallets were collected.

Police confiscated two items with more than 170 documents.

“Hackers have created smart text,” Europol said in a statement
The Swedish service is available to a large number of users.

This uncertain loss is 50,000, but a hacker can access an account with a loss of 610,000.

Fraud and cheats existed between children and adults
found with stolen information from Swiss sources.

According to the information and technology website Zdnet, the leader of the Azatej League was arrested among them.

The men were sentenced to 10 years.


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