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Facebook Cryptocurrency Transfer May 9 June: Report

2019 will be released on July 18th

At least in terms of current affairs, Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans are getting more and more attractive these days. It was
Some names like scales and world coins.

Previous reports have indicated that the new introductory currency will be introduced by 2020. But according to the information
[Blue Grid
He will possibly announce the desired encryption later this month, June 18th.

President of the Facebook group of competing engineers
Former PayPal President David Marx. Worker
You can choose this project in your region

According to reports, the pound was created by a Mark Zuckerberg generator.
Priority. There they introduced cryptocurrencies on Facebook
We try to compare traditional payment methods with cash and cash equivalents
Credit card transactions.

Available elsewhere
Platforms include WhatsApp and Messenger and allow people
Turn money into a blockchain chip.

Facebook is trying to make it
Developing countries like India. Those who work abroad can work
Just send money to your family. The system also includes an ATM.
Rewards and final items for selected traders
Cryptocurrency is a payment method.

Good relationship with Facebook
This is the largest case of 2.3 billion people
He can express his views on the new digital currency. Many customers are satisfied
Facebook users can use it to switch to the Internet
After proclamation but in glycogen form.

The controversy over digital currency began on Facebook last year when Mark Zuckerberg learned a lot about cryptocurrencies.
There are also reports that the company is working on another cryptocurrency for WhatsApp transactions.

ee. Therefore. for example
This company has changed over time
Business equipment production You have a market
It is on Facebook. The company works to give people the opportunity to shop
Staff share their favorite things on Instagram.

Facebook understands that it is difficult to create
People believe in his new proposal. He spreads the word to her
Facebook appeals to other companies and financial institutions
Create a box that supports cryptocurrency.


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