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Faced cryptocurrency could come on June 18: report

Updated July 18, 2019.

Follow the theme of Facebooks cryptocurrency app for more and more effects, at least one day
Numbers like Libra and GlobalCoin

Previous reports indicated that new group spending would be introduced in 2020, but data
[Blue work on the internet
A larger mortgage coding was released this month, usually on June 18th

Be excited
Facebook leads the management team
Former PayPal president David Marcus is known as an employee.
The program can select a salary as a blockchain.

According to Wegen reports by CEO Zuckerberg.
One of the most important priorities When watching online cryptocurrency is Facebook
Try to compete with traditional payment methods such as cash and cash equivalents.
Credit card transaction

This will happen in different ways.
The operating system, including WhatsApp and Messenger, gives people the opportunity
Change money to blockchain symbols

Facebook wants to be dominated
Developing countries like India People who work abroad can do it.
Sending money to family is easy. ATMs similar to the program
Registration bonus for physical terminals and individual traders
cryptocurrency It is an option payment.

Great place for Facebook
As a company, Dava is based on 2.3 billion people.
You can consider the new digital currency for users who are very happy.
Facebook can adapt to the bold browser and attract users.
Just show advertisements Cryptocurrency

The conversation about Facebooks digital currency began last year when CEO Mark Zuckerberg began using cryptocurrencies.
There are also reports that the company is working on cryptocurrency especially for its WhatsApp system.

the company has been around for a long time and has been constantly working to change its functions
products on e-commerce platforms. Do you have a market for this?
Facebook The company works in places where people can shop
things they love on Instagram and the like.

Facebook also knows how to complicate construction
people believe in their new offering. The details threw him off
Facebook is in close contact with other companies and financial institutions.
create a platform that effectively manages cryptocurrencies.


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