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Fake Nord VPN Bolez 2 website has a bank vault

Recently, cybercriminals created a free website for Nord VPN Internet services and two office applications.
According to scientists, the goal of Win32.Bolij.2 Trojan Bank is to attack viewers.

The Nord-VPNC Doctor album, released on August 8 by the Nord VPN real estate site, attracted thousands of visitors. The web
Corporate Blog Post August 19 [This site really speaks for itself
The same templates, color schemes and fonts are really It also has the appropriate SSL certificate.

Website runs encourage visitors to download 2 tools that come with 2 year olds. Dr. Webb
Describe the Trojan as the latest version of Bolik 1 and say that it contains a polymorphic scan file version.
And it can lead to cyber security, traffic accidents, theft and data theft from various bank users.
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The hackers wrote the same in January last year
360 Internet Invoices and Crystal Office Websites, both
Job Application / Office Doctor. Webb said
This project includes not only Bowls 2, but also Trojan.pv. Ed Steeler 26645,
Hunting is known as data entry.

In April, DCWeb announced that it was a band on the Internet.
Full video and software from VDSC website.
2 screws and Caputol for germination and dispensing
However, new campaigns do not need to be compromised on such websites
Alternative attackers create fake websites


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