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Fake Tor steals TC 40 in BTC from Dark Web Shoppers

ESET Research Online
By posting bad news in the black browser, Night Stop is used to gain and steal

According to ESET, the attacker tried to jump over $ 40,000 on Bitcoin. but how?

The scam uses the Trojan version of the blackjack authentication. The browser refuses to accept users
This site keeps Tor users up to date. According to researchers, this also happens in most browsers
Latest version.

When a user clicks on the login credentials of a malicious page, they are redirected to another location that notifies them
Download update

ESET said that the decline of these websites and bad lion browsers during the cryptocurrency was launched in 2017 and early 2018.
Production of cows from several Russian languages. Guaranteed to speak Russian also through a fake browser.

Scammers use comment money to exploit their fake sites and encourage users to download programs to prevent it.
Government control. Pestibin has over five thousand side effects.

When browsers get their Bitcoin wallet to deposit or pay for dirty online products.
Returns content controlled by browser scammers.

ESET analysts found three budgets spent on the competition at 4.8 BTC at the time.
Nearly forty

An infected browser, for all intents and purposes, is like a legitimate browser in Lyon, so there’s nothing to say.
Things have changed for the better

There is nothing new about changing your Bitcoin wallet address using a virus. Installed functionality in the browser will be

This is a real economic policy. You must use Theion Router to access the Black Market website.
We are talking about the fact that Lyon users will also be able to use Bitcoin.

If you have learned this, you can download and update the application from a legal source.


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