Updated January 21th 2021

What is Darknet?

Recently, the Deep Web has been used very often. After new actions in the hidden part, this was reflected in the real world. This does not mean that the Internet in the hidden part has become a recent development.

Here, approximately the same age of use as the Internet itself. The hidden network has a long history. It has the same time as the Internet. It is likely that when creating the Dark Web they used the same technology with which they created the Internet. At the same time, there was such architecture and design.

The Dark Network is fairly connected with ARPANET. Who can be considered the direct predecessor of the Internet now? Probably ARPANETa was missing the Dark Network. Now people don’t need for a long time to start using this hidden technology, which allows you to keep everything secret.

How to Access Darknet?

To use different sites that offer hidden trading platforms, you must have access to .onion sites and view them inside Tor. Using these sites is easy. Those who are not familiar with the browser and network tor, experts attach instructions. She will certainly assist in gaining access to various onion sites that the deep network offers.

What is Tor browser?

You need to use the site that the Tor project offers. To do this, go to the address https://www.torproject.org

Then download the last set with the browsers that the operating system perceives. They do not recommend downloading browsers from various other sites. You need to make sure that this site is used.

When the bundled browsers load, you need to install it, like other software.

Next, the Tor browser launches. It connects to the TOR network. Sometimes they will require an action to confirm. You must click OK.

After the browser is launched and a screen appears confirming that the browser is connected, everything is correct, it is worth checking that the latest version of the Tor browser is installed.