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FastPlug / Canna_Bars supports Black Web drug delivery

darknet FastPlug / Canna_Bars supports Black Web drug delivery
Darknet FastPlug / Canna_Bars supports Black Web drug delivery

Updated July 1, 2012

Robert Poros, 22, was found guilty.
Illegal transport and disposal of controlled substances today
Gunn, Attorney General of the United States Mac Gregor W. Scott.

Poros distributes marijuana according to court documents
Alpresolam (Xanax) uses 0 professional accounts
Use of the supplier account TheFastPlug Canna_Bars Type Dream Market.
Valladolid had blacklisted the Street Market and Dream Market networks
Let people sell drugs and other illegal products.
Service On May 22, 2018, investigators searched the warehouse.
Many weapons found in Porus and D-D forms
Uji gun, looking for a Mac Sports 0 rifle with Smith and
Translation, Revolution 44 caliber. The couple was with them during the search
While I was a professor of criminal justice, the state has 201 states
Criminal sanctions for the purchase / sale of drugs
It is illegal to possess a weapon.

This case is the result of an investigation in the North.
California Construction or Digital Economy Task Force (NCIDE)
Internal Security Investigation Representative (HSI), Ministry of Investigation
For research, postal services, evaluation and American medicine.
Empowerment management. The NCIDE working group is complete, complete
The governing body focuses on all kinds of dark networks and cryptocurrencies.
Jobs in Eastern California. Be obedient to the United States
The listeners of representative Grant B. Robin and Paul Hamaim just in case.

The ship arrived in the United States in September 2019. We tested it first.
District Judge Kimberly J. leaves the club at the store
Watch your decision. Pouras has a maximum of 20 trials
Large fines of $ 100,000 for prison and transportation costs
Drugs and imprisonment for up to ten years
000 250 000 Fines for possession of archery. That’s all
Your conscience is still determined by an effective sentence
The court examined all legal issues
Federal fines, some of which are included
Let’s go

The case was part of the Security Relations (PSN) program
Justice Union
Try it, PSN is a powerful display program
Reduce violent crime. There are several stakeholders through PSN
We work together to address the most important issues of violence in the world
Developing communities and their integrated solutions. joke
As part of this strategy, PSN will focus on further efforts
Violent criminals and partners through prevention and recovery
Continuous crime reduction program.

The incident was part of an organized drug group
(OCDETF) was established in 1982 to implement the OCDETF program
Major attacks on drug trafficking and money
Washing is the main job of OCDETF
Discovery, siege and destruction of the most serious drug trade
And money laundering organizations are mostly responsible for them
Nations supply drugs.


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