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Fastplug / kana_bars block notifications for distribution distribution on the Internet

darknet Fastplug / kana_bars block notifications for distribution distribution on the Internet
Darknet Fastplug / kana_bars block notifications for distribution distribution on the Internet

Updated July 18, 2019

Jose Robert Puras, 22, of Sacramento, California, has pleaded guilty.
Today, it distributes controlled items and illegal property
U.S. Attorney McGregor Um. Scott reported the weapon.

According to court documents, Mayor Marie Joanna
Alprazolam (Xanax) on Wall Street Market using the manufacturer’s number
About Dream Market using Canna_Bars TheFastPlug.
Walls Street Market and Dream Market are dark spots
Let people sell drugs and other illegal things
Services. On May 22, 2018, investigators requested his arrest
Puras found several firearms, including a sales and development model
Norinco MAK 90 Sport Rifle and Smith pistol using a modern pistol
Transparent pad. He played easily during the test
In 2017, he was convicted of previous crimes
Purchase of fines / penalties,
Possession of a weapon is illegal.

The case was the result of northern research
California Working Group on the Digital Economy (NCDE)
Representatives of the Federal Office of National Security (HSI)
US Drug Research, Postal Services and Testing
The NCDE Program Management Working Group is a federal agency
The working group focuses on the dark web and all types of encryption
American assistant in Eastern California
Lawyers Robert and Paul Hamzat continue the trial.

Porras is scheduled to premiere in the United States on September 9, 2019.
District Judge Kimberly J.W. Mller joins the club’s shop.
Are you worried about your decision? Poras threatens a maximum of 20 fines.
Annual imprisonment and a $ 1,000,000 fine for distribution of fines
Drugs and imprisonment for about 10 years
A $ 250,000 fine for possession of a donkey’s firearm
But sensible decisions clearly define what it is all about.
The court, after considering many important legal issues and
The principles of federal law are based on a few
This is expensive.

The case was investigated by the Public Security Program (PSN).
The central division of the Ministry of Justice reduces crime.
The PSN effort is a tester of programming and
Reduction of violent crime by PCA, interest groups
Work together to deal with difficult things.
Communities and develop clear means to address
Under the plan, the PCA focuses on other initiatives.
A powerful crime to protect and replace alliances
It is a discount program

The case is part of a strong medical team.
(OCDETF) The OCDETF program was created in 1982 for a comprehensive purpose.
Widespread surface attacks on drugs and mobile money
The best cleaning is the OCDETF system.
Identify, disrupt, and disrupt the key drug supply chain
Illegal financial transactions and especially
Drug-supplying countries


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