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Fate accuses the Nigerian gang of participating in the scandal

darknet Fate accuses the Nigerian gang of participating in the scandal
Darknet Fate accuses the Nigerian gang of participating in the scandal

Federal prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against 252 descendants against 80 people
It agreed to pay at least $ 46 million in compensation to victims through new scams, email scams and criminal victims.

The case of a grand jury is being tried in the central district
California will not be suspended from October until now
2 pm D11 in Los Angeles, USA, area
A clear introduction to tooth decay. The other two were made in federal court
The detainee was detained before being further charged and arrested
Earlier this week. 63 others believed
Outside, mainly in Nigeria.

According to a press release on Justice Department, the main factors cited were Nigerian national identity, Iro, 31 years old.
Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwe, 38, in Gardana, California, Carson, California. Both were arrested in the accident
Coordinate the management of funds received from activities and embark on an international tour of global cash flows
Help financiers trust fake bank accounts and illegal transaction fees paid overseas.

Payments will then begin on October 7, 2014 and continue
DOJ announced at least 2 May 2018. Names of all defendants
Fraud, money laundering in a cyber conspiracy,
Serious identity theft and part of this group
Corruption and bankruptcy.

Ero and Echo are accused of importing money
Carson, Jerry Echo of California;
Adegok Musa Gumbe, 34, Fountain, California; Iziuchuku Kingsley
UMZ, 30, Los Angeles; Inna Marina Mansabangura, 33, office
Panda Dale, California, and Obi Madekway, 31, Nigeria. Finally, Flaga, author
Chuck Iroha, 39, of California, will join the program
He tried to explain the accusation.

Igoho, Ogangbe and Mansabungure are on the defensive line
When the chain closes. Officials support at least 26 points
Not the former.

Depending on the DJ, there are those who have lost a lot of jobs
Many alumni and entrepreneurs at all levels, including the law

Pratangara is trying to protect himself from the American people
Fraud Online Fraud and Search Warrant
That’s what US citizen and lawyer Nick Nikna said
The DJ was released. We take action to end the crime
Networks that use schemes. Mr. A. Such as fraud and more
Victims. Payment Payment Send us a message
Suicide is everywhere, but we cut it
The river is empty.

In this report, which was published today, the great efforts of the Criminal Cooperation Council of the Persian Gulf Cooperation
Council are highlighted.
“This is a goal for the American people and their well-being,” said Paul Delaware, the deputy commissioner for Los Delaware.
The office of the angel loses billions of dollars every year, and we advise citizens to be aware of this difficult economic
Contact us to protect yourself or your business from unforeseen events.

The JAVO statement is over

The LOS ENGLES trial against U.S. police has not ended today as 252 prosecutors are prosecuting 80 defendants, most of them
He committed a horrific plot to steal and steal millions of dollars through fraud schemes.
Money laundering in Los Angeles.

The charges have been dropped this morning after the arrest of 14 suspects in the United States.
Eleven of these arrests were made in Los Angeles. Both defendants are currently in prison for contacting other charges, for
He was arrested a week earlier. Another suspect abroad will be mostly in Nigeria.

The court claims that 80 defendants and others used fake online profiles, including fraudulent email marketing.
(BEC) Fraud, the tobacco industry, adult fraud to deceive thousands. first
Criminal cases have not yet been released and experts from Nigeria, the United States and other countries have responded to the
The accused were Carson, 31, and Chukudi Christogunus Igbokwe, 38, from Gardena.
Bankers and governors who illegally receive money from victims. After infusion
Encourage victims to send money illegally, trusting and improving their income to Iro and Igbokway
The 145-page review is an excellent opportunity.

The prosecution and criminal records say Oro and Igbokko were arrested this morning.
Fake transactions from less than 6 million accounts are funded and advertised by friends
At least 40 million have been stolen.

Fraudsters are victims, individuals, small and large companies in the United States and worldwide
He was ready for the police. Some critics have lost billions of dollars in cheating and many officials.

This is part of our plan to protect Americans from cybercrime and justice.
United States lawyer Nick Hannah is said to be critical of American society and affairs. Today we have become very important when
it comes to changing
BEC to combat poverty, networks that use unauthorized files and other fraud. The product sends us a message
Criminals can know where they are and limit the benefits we obtain.

Today’s literature explains that the BEC’s efforts to coordinate such activities are being carried out.
Because you care about American citizens and their ancestors, according to Paul Delcourt, Los Angeles vice president.
His dance angels. Billions of dollars are lost every year, and we encourage people to tackle these kinds of new jobs.
In order to protect you and your agency from being a victim of the FBI we are willing to serve
Administrators around the world are still learning about cybercrime and distributing their networks.

The Euro and Igboko steal bank accounts. If you want, the euro and Igb are a global currency
Request a bank account or bank details, as this information is provided to creditors around the world.
Finish all the money that all victims receive to reduce the money that many victims have stolen.
Theft thief.

If you need a bank account with another brand to cover corporate payouts, Euro and Igbo
According to court documents, several lines of credit and open bank accounts are available. add
The cheating team has a lot of people in the file that show the names of fake companies
Filing / filing a complaint with a bank or bank employee to file a Los Angeles County complaint
The accounts will be opened

It is said that Euro and Igbo should work together when the economy lends money to a bank or financial institution.
The amount Marzhan has earned is still changing. Occasionally members of fraudsters borrow money from other credit card companies
Sometimes they may want to create a collateral tool that doesn’t work, such as a check on a real estate company investor.

When cash was considered cash, complaints were often used to obtain cash transfers abroad.
often for fear of transferring money directly to banks, the judge said. Do this, Yes again
Igboque links the release of victims to fraudulent bank accounts managed by U.S. bank accounts
it is not compulsory for unscrupulous investors. Therefore, financial companies use one transfer from one Nigerian bank to switch
to another transaction.
money in naira (), Nigerian money, Nigerian accounts where you can see Nigerian accounts
Iro and Igokwe. This method was used to transfer millions of dollars to Nigerian branches without direct transfer.
bringing money abroad. Prosecutors say 50-year-old Jerry Iho was arrested Sunday (and Sunday) by Adegok Musa.
Ogungbe, 34, from Fountain, was among those charged with the crime.

All 80 people were charged with conspiracy, attempted money laundering and so on
serious human theft. Many of the suspects are charged with fraud and deception.

Along with Iro, Igbokwe, Cough, Ogungbe and three other suspects, Izyuchukwu Kingsley Umeji, 30, Los Angeles, Titiaye.
Marina Mansbangura, 33, from Palmdale and Obi Madeqwa, Nigeria, are accused of stealing money.
trade. Ogungbe and Mansbangura were among those arrested this morning while Mujesi was currently a refugee.

Today, 39-year-old Igboke and Chux Eroha are facing another charge of attempting to destroy a cell phone during an FBI search.
In July 2017, Roro contacted the FBI in an interview during the investigation. Complaint
when the FBI began searching for Ira’s place in Carlson, Ira broke the phone
Igboke and Eroha hung their phones on the wall of their apartment building. When Ira said she missed the previous call
Compared to his wife, the suspect is told how quickly the FBI seized the phone.
after the FBI knocked on the door of the Ayrost room to search. Eroha was supposed to have fled Nigeria shortly afterwards
after the FBI confirmed it.

The allegations and charges in the criminal report are correct and the accused are not guilty.
Unless the court shows its guilt.

The investigation is led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Los Angeles County Ornei Law, Los Angeles County Sheriff and U.S. State Department
The government provided important support in the investigation.

Several agencies, including the US Post Office, have helped stop the spread or conduct inspections
US Immigration and Customs Monitoring Services, US Internal Security, Naturalization and Immigrants
U.S. Customs and Border Security, Vanuatu County Attorney’s Office and California State Tax

Much of the FBI’s legal assistance in this investigation was aided by the Office of Criminal Investigation.
Foreign affairs for international affairs and the world. FBI and U.S. Special Thanks for the legal services
Office expenses of the United Kingdom State Crime Agency and the Prosecutor of Osnabrck, Germany, for their cooperation.

The case is being investigated by U.S. Attorney Anil J. Anthony and Joseph B. Wooding of Cyber is handling it.
The mental crime.

In 2017, the FBAC released a progress report on the B2C system and released Operation Wire for 2018, which
International efforts to stop BAC International. FBI public service statement warning the BBC
The systems instead encourage companies to trust trust.


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