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Fentanyl was sentenced to 13 years in prison

darknet Fentanyl was sentenced to 13 years in prison
Darknet Fentanyl was sentenced to 13 years in prison

A Pennsylvania businessman.
It must be punished.

The Pennsylvania Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday that it is suing 29-year-old Brett Trager.
Earlier this month, he was sentenced to 13 years and 5 years in prison.

A 34-year-old Bloomsburg man has been charged with conspiracy to distribute and send fentanyl.
Nathan Anthony This is a university researcher.

He is currently in New Jersey jail for fentanyl farming.

Officials say Otto and the drug dealers are selling drugs online in the United States and abroad.

Five other conspirators have been in prison for about two to 10 years.

Full USO certification

The Pennsylvania Federal Bureau of Investigation notified 29-year-old Brett Droger
He lives in Cumberland County (Carlisle, PA) and was sentenced on November 7, 2019 to 156 months in prison.
Five years after he was released, Supreme Court Justice Christopher C. Connor watched the conspiracy.
Fentanyl over 400 grams.

According to US Attorney David J. Fried, Tragger was found guilty of conspiracy and arbitrary possession.
In the period from October 2015 to May 2017, phenol was 400 kg or more
Phenomenal pills created by Natanio Antonio Otto, a 34-year-old couple, are in prison
Fort Dick, New Jersey, is an organization for weight loss and product management
Nut book.

Otto sells runners tablets made locally in Chambersburg and then starts selling tablets online
Black network for the distribution of add-ons created in the United States and some foreign countries. Otto will send him an
Delivery to Chambersburg and various post offices in America. Otto was sentenced to 210 months in prison

Employees have the following conspiracy theories regarding division and ownership
For distribution of 400 grams and more:

Apollo Ravan was also sentenced to 21 months in prison.

Mike Wood was jailed for 120 months

Judge Cindy Joe Wood was sentenced to 48 months in prison

Justin Chandler was sentenced to 120 months in prison

Stephanie Cholera was sentenced to 48 months in prison

The lawsuit was settled out of court by the Franklin Federal Bureau of Investigation
District Attorney
Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania State Police. Deputy Secretary of State Daryl F. Bloom filed the lawsuit.

It is part of the Neighborhood Security Project (PSN), which covers all levels of implementation
The goal is to reduce violence and save us all. Ministry of Justice
The 2017 PNS will be updated to meet the targets targeted by violent criminals for all U.S. lawmakers.
Development of employment services in cooperation with state law enforcement agencies, local and urban communities
a practical strategy based on crime reduction.

It was part of a major regional campaign against name reuse.
According to Helin, the U.S. Attorney General, heroin distribution is targeted at local heroin traffickers.
Pennsylvania is a joint effort to enforce state and local laws.
Search for, arrest and prosecute persons involved in heroin-related crime.


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