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Fighters use the World Health Organization to download a fake Coronvavirus Ebook

The World Health Organization (WHO) is one of the world’s leading energy sources.
Excitingly correct COVID-19 information as a criminal online
Use it for yourself.

Generously, a new fishing campaign called WHO has been launched.
The right of failure is to deceive people who fear coronavir
Fake book – “My Health”
It contains information on protecting children and working from viruses.

The content of the letter (see picture below) contains visual but illegal content. The spell contains a hyphen that resembles a
Crown virus and uses headwords and grammar.

You are expected to upload a duplicate book to a closed zip file. However, it does so
It is the only robot that provides details after loading
The Troian Fombbook.

He is only in our ears
One of the most popular smartphones of the phone for its convenience and spaciousness
Many features, including content conversion from Windows panels
Theft data and data leakage. Data is collected and sorted.
Malwarebytes server is at risk from a server managed by routers.

He seems to be working with millions now, maybe at home.
Using the stored procedure, you can download any downloaded malware.
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