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Finnish authorities investigate thousands of suspected drug dealers in Valhalla market known as Silkkitie

darknet Finnish authorities investigate thousands of suspected drug dealers in Valhalla market known as Silkkitie
Darknet Finnish authorities investigate thousands of suspected drug dealers in Valhalla market known as Silkkitie

Drugs, whipping, drugs and weapons have been international for decades
Sold through a website called Selekki Wallah. Silkworm was one of the oldest and most famous professions in the world.
Sites selling drugs on an encrypted network.

Online stores like Reshmakiti have significantly increased the supply of medicines in Finland, especially outside of cities.
And for small children who have increased the popularity of silicate, it is used anonymously, and the product is sent.
Three legal operators. Based on the computer-based study of the optional server, officials were able to verify Finnish practices
Celebrate thousands of Finnish sellers and buyers.

In an encrypted network, emerging regulatory services ensure sales that customers trust.
Online trafficking in drugs and other illegal products is considered secure due to anonymity.
It is not available to the authorities and is free from criminal liability. Hanno Sankinan says if it doesn’t end then this myth
will come to an end
, Chief Compliance Officer, Finnish chief customs engineer.

Silicate closures have had a significant impact on drug trafficking and all other illegal cryptocurrencies.

Finland says the crisis in Finland has slowed from 2019 to March

The worm’s web site sells illicit substances and other products through fraud and purchase.
They pay in virtual currency with Bitcoin. Drugs and other illegal drugs released by the supplier
Most buyers pay by mail to the worm trader an average of 5% of the commission there.
There are no actual ads on the site.

Tejarat’s website has about 400,000 websites, this site has about 500,000 websites.
The deal was concluded and 78,000 different items were sold. Are most sales going to Finland?
Finnish clients are between 15 and 83 years old, and the total income from the business area is around 50 million.

In 2014-2019, the Finnish Customs Administration launched a preliminary investigation of about 30 traders in Silkplatsen. The
The auditors are Dupipio and Ekastasikauppa. Participate in the first sales review.
Finnish customs seize around 20m in prison worms
These prayers are 100 years old.

During her training in Silkkitie, Finland cooperated with the French
Eurojust with Eurojust (European Union Cooperation Unit) and Europol, and in Finland with the National Agency
Police and department.

The first investigation was conducted by the Finnish Office, the National Investigation Bureau and the police
Finnish sellers and buyers depend, among other things, on the type of crime
Others: drug offenses, crimes, business fraud, drug offenses, armed crime and tax fraud.

The Finnish Police Directorate is investigating millions of drug trafficking.
The Silk Road location.

This is important research work across the country. Most police work
The materials can be obtained from the Finnish authorities and decide to wait for cases depending on the platform and type. In
some cases
The investigative department focused on other issues and steps, said RTI investigative supervisor, who
Tactical director of the entire issue of the National Bureau of Investigation.

The types of suspects are different. Some studies involve other private operations.
Ask about a million revenue. Some medicines taken are very large.
Police suspect drug trafficking

The Finnish police are investigating several suspects.
Police and Urs

This is a sign of changes in the pharmaceutical market. The growth of online businesses has made drug use more widespread.
In rural areas and small municipalities, electronic forms can be used to send to the front door using
Artie said that Artie Shade’s business is mainly conducted in large cities.

The details of the purchase of police from the French customs office are very detailed.
In recent months, police have found different ways to combat crime. Along with the silk trade
The website can contact the local police and provide information about the initiative.
Makes the investigation process quick and easy for the accused

The General Prosecutor’s Office actively cooperates with Finnish customs and police departments related to Silkiti
According to him, the prosecutors office is investigating a large number of criminal cases.
He instructed a national team of 22 prosecutors to handle these matters.

In this case, the appointed prosecutor was specifically involved in the Metax criminal case, which made him more effective.
According to Anna-Rikki Rutu, her responsibility is the same as everywhere else in Finland.
Special Prosecutor’s Office, General Prosecutor’s Office.


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