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Finnish customs publishes statistics on the trade in drugs and silk worms with black tissue

darknet Finnish customs publishes statistics on the trade in drugs and silk worms with black tissue
Darknet Finnish customs publishes statistics on the trade in drugs and silk worms with black tissue

Last year, there was no illegal drug use or tax in Finland.

More than 7,800 investigations into illegal fraud have been opened, the center said.
Last year, over 1,700 kg of illicit drugs – 700 kg or more
Even in 2018

The department targets more than 2,000 attributes.
389 strokes worse than 281
Made last year

By the end of this year, the state’s Social Security Code, the Department of Homeland Security and state police officers will
investigate thousands of disasters. It is integrated into the Silk Company, which is hidden in the Door network.

The Wallah website began selling drugs and other illegal substances. The office was arrested by officers at Silktown Ma.

in the end
Last year, customs received imports of 7,000 drugs
The dark side, especially because it contains chemicals against itching.
Medicines and prescription drugs.

Customers said their business was monitored during the operation
In 2019, economic crime saved the country 33 million euros
Work Abroad – Save $ 66 million on crime
The agency is open on Friday.

However, the growth of cannabis follows

The original
The rise in medication this year is partly attributable to an increase in heart disease
k followed by shad and marijuana. The alphabet is a plant native to some parts of Africa
Middle East with stabilizing properties like amphetamines
Thats when my love started.

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health and Health last year, marijuana is increasingly popular in Finland.

In the morning
More than 255 pounds of marijuana were arrested last year
Age 13. The agency seized 33 kg and 7 kg of cocaine
Poundaya or pound opioid heroin. Heroin has been contagious in recent decades
Tell us about the case of the previous year.

According to a report released
Friday on the number of Finnish national doctors of the Medical Association
The number of opioid users in the country has doubled to 15,000
About 30 thousand from 2012 to 2017.

At the other end of the spectrum
About 24 kg of methamphetamine and amphetamine or similar will be taken
22 kg less than a year ago. The castle said
The road to Finland has recently been reduced.

Medicine, cigarettes and drinks

A further 117,000 drugs were also seized. Half of these transactions are distributed at Resorts.

Imports of illegal cigarettes have also increased. Custom says that in 2019, it will invest more than $ 5,000, a double-digit
increase over the past two years. According to the Commission, the purchase and sale of products in other parts of Finland is in
full-time operation.

Trust me
He also claims to have received 2.2 lach cigarettes last year
As usual, but the department failed to open the company
The 300 blended wines saved 9,700 liters
They have been drinking since the participants consumed 10,400 liters of alcohol
The drinks were sent to Finland.

No workers were found
The increase in the number of people with disabilities, the highest of five
In the Tau section, 1,608 – 14 14 cases were analyzed.

Most reduce taxes
It also includes the repeal of tobacco control laws
And wine, according to the rules.

The department is responsible for a 1.24 tax cut in 2019.


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