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Fishermen use captcha to bypass electronic gate scans

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Short circuit for fully automated public testing for computer communication
It is necessary to remove the automated systems that are available to people other than this
Website. Now cybercriminals are using a capsule of technique
Coffin security researchers have shown that URLs are automatically reviewed.

The new approach is to avoid secure email
Gateway (SEG), in this case the URL search and indexing of microbial gateways,
This can eliminate the risk, bloggers write

The victim was abducted
Join @ for legal reasons
voip2mail service. Email alerts to new voters
The message is in a simple format
Invite voicemail customers to click on the listen button
The whole message.

This button is actually an embedded link
This redirects the recipient to the desktop with a captcha code
They proved that the victim was human and that this was not an automatic diagnostic procedure.
According to Google, the robot was written as a threat to the girl Koffen Fabio
Rodriguez on the blog.

At this point, SEG is investigating
Failed SEG cannot scan or scan malicious pages
Captcha source code. This website does not contain harmful substances,
Therefore, the SEG makes it a safe and accessible signal for users.

After completing the verification process
This will turn the phishing page into a Microsoft account
Voters and login page. If you go in, the victim will get cancer

Rodrigues wrote the Captcha site and the largest phishing site.

Both sides are important at the top of Microsoft
Domains when examining a domain
We found a bad negative in the database and safely returned the page.

When it comes to looters, they are often out of control and criminals find their place.
It turns out that data keeper Cavvad Malik.

What is controlled
The importance of safety education and training
This allows users to find and report suspicious emails. ”

Chris Miller, RSA Regional Representative for England and Ireland, agrees. Staff production and training are the best options
I mentioned the problem.

Less than one person in 10 organizations
Teach staff to keep an eye out
Security training is usually held once
make a plan. This is not enough.

Employees must be educated and re-employed
These risks pose a security risk where they must be implemented
Identify them successfully and take steps to control digital risks
It works, he said.

Therefore, they have to educate and motivate consumers.
As a member of your team or as a participant holding a flashlight
The organization must understand how to deal with digital threats and how to deal with them
You can defend yourself against them; It may be an unknown employee
Rotate the line of defense between danger and danger.


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