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Florida City Council Voted to Offer $ 600 Renaissance

darknet Florida City Council Voted to Offer $ 600 Renaissance
Darknet Florida City Council Voted to Offer $ 600 Renaissance

Updated July 18, 2019

Ribera City Council voted 65 this week.
Or 600,000 hostages to try to hide computer systems
After the May 29 attack.

This resulted in the loss of 914,000 new computers in Florida that were damaged by the attack.

The city council makes decisions based on council A.
External security agencies are coming to solve the problem. City spokesman Sgt.
Rose Ann Brown spoke to CBS
Miami [a city of collaboration with people from outside
Security consultant
There is no guarantee, but buying is recommended
The file will be exported again.

City insurance companies are in talks with the attackers, according to the Palm Beach Post.
I used to
They will have to pay a rescue price. This information was provided by the District IT Director
Some services returned to the Internet, but it is not clear how this happened

SC Media has requested additional comments from the area.

Florida’s nightmares began with the police department
An employee has opened a malicious e-mail that contains a sketch of almost all bad software.
City Computer Network, which includes 911 emergency systems, emails, Internet accounts
Payroll and salary

The decision to pay the ransom is inevitable
There is no guarantee that offenders will receive and issue passports
of the

Riviera Beach City Council enjoyed it
I will pay the ransom. There is no guarantee that the teacher will return any of them.
Data that could make the city less. number
Council demanded for further action against these types of attacks
“It’s especially useful in attacks,” said Slomi Liberova, director of the technology program.

Riviera Beach is not the first city or company to achieve this. In the County Acon region of Georgia, he handles payment requests
In March 2019, the Colombian and Spanish doctors received $ 400,000 and $ 15,000, respectively.

According to Ilya Kolchenko, founder and CEO of ImliaWeb, the company
It does not mean that criminals cannot work
Encourage others to embark on a redemption strike.

This is very sad news that can cause problems
A decent number of redemption attacks as before
He said the small town is not good for self-defense.

Traveling between Riviera is not an option.
Baltimore and Atlanta and at least 20 other cities throughout the country
Baltimore and Atlanta refused to pay, resulting in a $ 1 million grant.
And 1 million won each


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