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For a long time illegal drugs, the seller of the dream was sentenced to 9 years in prison

The so-called drug was sentenced to nine years in federal prison for distributing fentanyl in the United States.
The country uses a dark market online.

According to the data of the American law firm for the county of Southern Illinois, the prosecution started in January 2019.
A lawsuit was filed against Brandon Arias, 34, and his ex-wife, 32, Melissa Scanlan.

Defendant accuses Aryans of conspiracy to distribute fentanyl and illegal distribution of fentanyl (No. 5),
sale of counterfeit and illicit drugs.

In July, he took responsibility for 8 tariffs.

In addition to joining as a global fundraiser, Melissa Scanlan should have no responsibility for her as part of the campaign.
Spending money on laundry is a trick: a serious problem in the circulation of fentanyl that can be fatal.

The sentence is scheduled for February 10, 2020. Investigating any person arrested in a government building in the area.
At the beginning of 2019

To sue, Arias Scanel creates dream messages in online stores, dark online stores that shoppers buy.
And the sale of illegal drugs: services that received a variety of drugs with the Lama Lama.

According to U.S. attorneys, both parents work in their hometown of California. At the time:
Arias spent almost two years working on distributing more than 1,000 fentanyl lenses with fentanyl steel scanners.
Tablets weekly

They get 100 kilograms of dark drugs and distribute the same benefits.

This case is part of a merger program between the FDA and DIO.
United States Postal and Inspection Services. Customs and Border Protection (CPP), USA. Southern Fire Law Offices
California and E. UU Oliini South Illinois Southern District O.


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