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Former Silk Road Mod Libertash was sentenced to 6 years in prison

darknet Former Silk Road Mod Libertash was sentenced to 6 years in prison
Darknet Former Silk Road Mod Libertash was sentenced to 6 years in prison

An Irish citizen was sentenced to six years in prison to pay for his replacement
He was jailed for several years for his role in launching a website either.

Gareth Davis, 31, pleaded guilty to a drug possession conspiracy in October.

Silk Road is a black online marketplace for the development of drugs and other products.

May this site, launched from 2011 to 2013, was used
Thousands of drug dealers and distributors were scattered
The current cost of the drug is $ 200 million.

Gary Davis, also known as Libertas, works as a photographer and webmaster who can work
Give yourself a week

Gary Davis Libertas over silk [used by Davis
He was arrested in January 2014 in Ireland and returned to the United States.

In October, he accused the group of drug distribution.

He was sentenced yesterday in a federal court in Manhattan to 78 months in prison, six and a half years in prison.

He was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $ 25,000.

USAO Basic Declaration

Ififeri s. Burman, Lawyer of the Southern District of the United States, New York, Gary Davis, A / C / A / TT,
Today he was sentenced to 78 months for serving as a new employee on the Silk Road website.
The Silk Road is an unprecedented black market online. The Silk Road was used from 2011 to 2013.
Thousands of drug dealers and other drug dealers distribute 200 million illegal drugs and other illicit drugs.
Provide products and services to more than 115,000 customers and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.
In the first place, the Judge of the U.S. District Court. Am Davis was convicted before Furman’s essays ordered him to meet.

On Gary Davis’ Silk Road website, Gary Davis helped create a dark internet market in Manhattan, USA, said lawyer Iffree.
Illegal drugs, hacking services and other criminal activities. David Arrest, Extradition, Punishment and Arrest from Ireland
The proposal should send a contradictory message: the darker the white, the fewer shades to help sinners.
The soles of the feet

According to the opinion of the accused, all court documents, court documents and evidence were presented.
Freeway founder Ross Albert’s 2015 study:

From January 2011 to October 2, 2013, the Silk Road website went black market
Internet sites, where illegal products and activities are often used by website users. Demik
Over the course of two and a half years, Silk Road has used 4,000 stores to distribute home and office supplies.
More than 115,000 users, including hundreds of pounds of illicit drugs, fake IDs and passports, hacker devices, and computers
Bitcoin services, Mexican products and media and financial broadcasting services together accounted for more than 1.5 million
Life on the Silk Road is worth more than 3,213 million. Ninety-five percent of sales
(Even 18.183 million) non-narcotics are available.

The Silk Road, owned and operated by William Albert of Russia, A / K / Dred Pert Roberts, U / K / DPR, U / K / Cross Road
Websites with the help of younger participants, including website administrators and conference owners. website
Lawyers, among others, are responsible for overseeing the activities of Silk Road users to resolve issues.
Client’s work requirements and disputes between buyer and seller. Conference owners are inside each other.
Others, which monitor user activity in relevant discussion forums, provide guidance to conference users.
Goa Selwani discussed and discussed important issues regarding field managers at the conference
Before the celebration

From May 2013 to May 2013, Liberty’s assistant, Gary Davis, hosted the Silk Conference. of the
From June 2013 to October 2, 2013, Davis became the director of the Silk Road. He played a role in his field.
Instructions, Davis Responsibilities (1), are responsible for responding to requests from Silk Road customers regarding customer
service, if necessary.
Collaborate with sales information in the market; (2) Dispute between sellers [p.
Drug makers (and their clients) with information found in Al-Barkhat; (3) Assist in the organization of activities for business
Silk Road starts from Al Barakhat. In sales guarantees, for example, sales and
The client welcomed him on the website for the Commissioner’s Travel Expenses Commission. When I saw him breaking the law, Davis
It has the option of harming or judging the seller through other forms of discrimination (such as Albert). Albright pays Davis
once a week
Selexdana worked as a field manager.

A similar solution was reached shortly after the first Silk Road was closed by law enforcement in early October 2013.
R2 2.0 Ting 2.0 started. Davis could become Cork Road Manager in early November 2013

* * *.

In addition to his release, 31-year-old Irishman Wicklow was sentenced to three years in prison.
, 000 25,000 discount.

New York Federal Payments Special Research and Special Practice Operations Assessment, appreciates significant collaborative
US Department of Electronic Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Chicago-O’Hare Homeland Security Research, Drug Enforcement
New York Square Office Fee, Internal Revenue Manager New York Square Office Fee
Burman thanked the Sonoma Armada and Arizona Criminal Investigation Department.
Provide critical assistance and support to the judiciary in the Department of International Relations.

The prosecution is investigating the Office of Fraud and Computer Crime. U.S. Attorney Michael D.
The cousins, Yu Yang Cho and T. Strangely, they face charges.


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