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Full details of how the FBI helped European officials arrest a man who attempted to buy polonium210 in the Berlusconi market

darknet Full details of how the FBI helped European officials arrest a man who attempted to buy polonium210 in the Berlusconi market
Darknet Full details of how the FBI helped European officials arrest a man who attempted to buy polonium210 in the Berlusconi market

Mercury switches (also called switches) are often used in automobiles
Sonic is one of the things that needs to be ordered from an American retailer
Chom Black Jomic University.

He appeared in the testimony of Super George Cremona
The case against Calega went to court earlier this week
Mayor Donatella Frendo Dimeki.

A Cremona court issued a detailed calendar of events in June
A few months before Kalesa’s arrest on August 10 and 29, 2019
Suspected of smuggling explosives.

On June 10, 2019, the police issued a warning regarding foreign friends
Security service where foreigners try to buy polonium
210, Ricin and Fentaynl are on the black net.

Interviews cut from June 1 to June 8 mark the year
Kalleias target is a male 165-15 centimeters tall.
The height is 175 cm and the weight is approx. 55-60 kg. This has been revealed
Consumers made a concert with user 893
The seller of 2F108X2 and Foxtrot108XRAY has requested a rating
Polonium 210 you want.

Phonium liv
Use the MONIKER 2F108X sensor in a dark room called
He thinks Berlusconi is asking where the goods have gone
And she said she was hiding a bundle from him
Like the Blue speakers, so they don’t count electricity

He then agrees that the seller and the buyer must follow up
Use PGP encryption dialog (very private key)
An alphanumeric character that identifies the customer.

Polonium 210 is a static electronic device.
The body only dies if it is swallowed, causing it to die
Disease. The same drugs accidentally killed the Russians
In 2006, FSB representative Alexander Litvinienko.

The dealer said that no one suspected Polonium-210.
As it releases only barrels of barrel gas, Chromona added
The seller informed the buyer that he had died of pneumonia.
two weeks.

Two weeks on a line server
Ensure that this product is rough and odorless.
The seller deliberately looks at the height and weight of the victim and does so.
He asked her to count the number of people who died.

Another message from 10 to 24 June 2019
The buyer said he now wants five doses, but he will definitely need them.
Many traders responded that five people died near Alpha.
Radiation poisoning is suspected and may be even better
Initially, only one dose was sent. All supplements cost $ 500!
Sales may double due to lower prices
The seller orders 210 poloniums per week from his laboratory.

There were chat messages about secure email provider
Before a customer can provide their secure email address
[email protected] Seller ID: Marie Curie
To do this, he used Polish pioneers in radio research.
Introduce yourself to the conversation.

Cremona told the court that the original contractors used the wrong alpha word and apologized.

The seller requests more information about Malta
Accounting for food poisoning banners and trainers
Or an alcoholic who dies within two weeks. That’s the problem
They say: Beautiful Pole 210.

NGEdang is an author in the United Kingdom
Kala stressed the importance of these factors
Send it to the EU and ask if it is worth sending
According to the English memoir. No, the seller said that
The easier it is to care for, the better.

Through ProtonMile, Cleleza communicates with each other in English
He asked the seller who might be the best buyer in the future
Castor sports are offered to you by big retailers because they dont want to ruin your reputation.
Many things at once and without risk.

The university has a delivery address in the UK and is dedicated to Essex.
See EUF Group Ltd in Roger Thapon, Essex. Maybe money
0.044458 Bitcoins (358.28) White rate 0.002046 PTC.
(16.49) sent.

According to him, a new seller was introduced in the Colicus Protonmail account
He felt the receiver had a good reputation
Consumer policy is needed to prevent law enforcement (mentioned)
The LE transmitter) makes it difficult.

The message is said to be from the United States. Payment will remain in your account until the package is shipped.

The dealer also claimed to have a press rifle, a silencer and a C4.
Sale of ammonium. The C4 wall sold for 7,750 per block
Of course, you have to pay for the purchase of two hidden items to distribute.
00 1500 To secure an explosion. The cost of the flight is $ 100, he said.

Another email provider gave detailed instructions on this.
Then mix thoroughly and insert the mercury converter into C4
When they say the goal is the car, consumers say the car is the best.
How to connect the car – use a large magnet

Police consultation is based on competence.
Later, the packages were connected in another way with Malta.
Let’s look at buying and selling it in England
You can exchange angry letters and address your university colleagues
Cop (youre one of the pigs) and the seller.
He was accused of paying a salary: everything will be fine
These are the British media.

The college replied that it would not wait for the seller.
About me, but she had people everywhere and was trying to find her
Locked in the hands of staff

Commander Cremona sat on the plane with his colleagues.
Go to the Arizona airport and check who left you.
The C4 battery, 9-volt, shows the main switch on the back of the mercury.
The gun plate was replaced and the C4 burned.
He suggested experts who were quicker later.
In short, for 34 pictures, full entries.

The bluetooth speaker has been carefully adjusted, no
In addition, tracking devices located on and off the road.

The IP address of the applicant accessing the Fedex package.
Look for additional feature later
Maltese Dam.

The kit, along with the unused habit, was brought to Malta to keep the child safe.

Roger Tabone’s recommendation to become Jomik
However, an advertising machine had to be installed on Calleja Maatouk.
The recipient was rejected. As a result, the police became the killer.
There are employees who know the police

The driver, Matthew Borg, was later arrested.
They agreed to ask if he had a microphone.
Kaleja, the company is moving from where it was before.
He happened to say he worked with the police and took the hamburger.

Kaleja Birkirka was arrested in front of McDonalds.
They want to get into the car. In addition, the suspected drug was found.
Police seized several electronic devices, it happened.
Overview and expertise of American jurors

He was released on August 29, 2019 with the consent of the police.
Comedian Micky Leja sues sellers
Pigs were found

It is still known that the police have grown.
From the information contained in the defendant’s case. This one
The trial is underway.


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