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German news is growing due to the dangers of contaminated drugs

darknet German news is growing due to the dangers of contaminated drugs
Darknet German news is growing due to the dangers of contaminated drugs

Germany recognizes the high levels of drug-related drugs. According to the German Federal Office
Droknet filed a lawsuit (against BCA) in the country seven years ago.
right Now.

Drug trafficking and crime have been on the rise for seven years. Doctor. BKA Holger Manch
In 2017 alone, about 3,30,600 cases were filed in the Federal Court.

“Drug use, especially on the black side, has hurt her,” he said.
It is very simple.

Access to the Darknet market is low, which facilitates access to products.
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In Manchester, HRKN said it would be the main focus of the business, pointing to the problem.
Cyber analyst

Purpose of other crimes
The first of drug-related crimes. According to available data, these 60% are in Germany
These crimes are illegally connected.

Trying to legalize secrets and their health risks is not a big problem for Germany.

Although the number of cannabis cases has increased by almost 12% since 2016, cocaine is a strange case.
Another 18% increase.

Police arrived in Hamburg in October. In early 2017, they consumed more than 3 tons of coffee.

In addition, the incidence of heroin, methamphetamine and amphetamines has increased.

There has been a significant increase in drug trafficking and drug-related crime. According to the German Federal Criminal Bureau
Studies (or bacca) have shown that drug-related crime in the community is up to seven years old.
Weapons can only be purchased through EGO

Guns, knives and cucumbers were thrown to the ground.
It covers the rapid growth of drug trafficking and drug crime. According to the German federal office
The countrys investigation into drug offenses (or drugs) is nearly seven years old
In this country, crime is also on the rise among black people.

In addition to drug-related crimes, Germans fight crime online
[It is very important
To achieve this

BCA has conducted research in over 60,000 markets on Darknet.

The unregulated arms market is the biggest threat to the EU. A country that promotes a war response
Darknet is fighting crime.

The incident happened in July 2017, when the attacker killed and wounded several people
Use of weapons illegally purchased from the Darknet brand.

The sniper was an 18-year-old German who was killed in a fight in Munich
His life and many others were seriously injured.

After this warning, the German police became alert and vigilant in the fight against clean and dark markets.

Public protection can be done in one month

The failure of the darkness is not clear. Currently, the fight against drug trafficking is a common problem among law enforcement
The stay in Germany increased significantly.

He also worked with Europe to fight black cyber criminals.

The project, announced with the help of the European Union, provides the technology and resources needed to tackle black crime.

Project inclusion includes information sharing, statistics and related information.

The armed forces have blocked the sale of drugs and ammunition over the Internet.

Many residents were arrested in this incident. Scientists have found that many new buyers are less likely to be marginalized
Grief cannot be solved.

New processes should be requested for certain power groups.

The German Ministry of Justice is committed to the IT police, which can handle the situation in this area
See what the future holds.


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