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German police are attacking a large pharmaceutical market

German police have attacked the online drug market and closed major markets altogether.

* Location Dream Market
* IS
* E2
* Link Path 2.0
* New alphabet

Many other markets are closed by German and Dutch police.

The German news agency DPA reports that the FBI has arrested a drug dealer in Los Angeles. Put cups and mugs
This is called Cash Street Market.

Type of password:
Seizure of money.

Limit web site interactions to go to most search engines.

The Dutch and the European Union did this. Dutch police then announced it on Twitter
Directed by:

German police have detained the 31-year-old in the town of Bad Will, Klein, responsible for 22 people, and 29-year-old Eslingen.

According to police, more than 550,000 (601,232.50) computers used for illegal business operations have been financially
In terms of computer financing, over one meter, it is similar to the expensive Bitcoin Monero car.

You can find the full version of the article in the proxy

The dream is so real that it’s hard to know who you are today. Like the darkest store, no
Concentrate, stop to stop. Not all of them got one point
as one terrified customer said:

The implementation will release 65 court orders, 299.5kg of drugs, 51 weapons and more than $ 7 million ($ 4.5 million).
computer price: $ 2.48 million cash ($ 40,000 gold). There were 122 conferences.
Application of innovative management practices in drug risk management procedures.


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