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German police attack internet drugs on the internet

Germany recently attacked the online market and closed all major markets.

* Class A 0
* E1
* E2
* Silk Road 2.0
* Books for sale

Many markets were also closed by the Germans and the Dutch.

According to the DPE, the FBI has arrested two suspects. Map with death
Name Cash Street Market.

[Search mode
Give it blood.

A strong network is what surpasses most internet search tools.

The Dutch police and the European police agency Europol are working together to improve the framework. A Dutch official said in a
The case was brought to justice.

German police arrested a 31-year-old man in Bad Wilbel, a 22-year-old man in Clive and a 29-year-old man in Aslingen.

Police say they received more than 550,000 real money (601,232.50) from computers, doing illegal business.
Computers on Bitcoin and Monroe cost no more than 1 meter, including expensive cars

The story suddenly appeared

He has been working on this dream for so long that it is difficult to find the truth of what it is they are giving up. It is by no
means a work of darkness
Focus before waiting. Buyers with other people’s money, after all
In front of them. The client was identified as a phobia:

By law, 5 courts were processed with 299.5kg, 51 guns, more than 6 million (4.5 million).
Computer Money (Rs 2.44 Real Money ($ 40,000)) They also hosted 122 shows. A little woolen cloth
The government-sponsored conspiracy wants to see the danger looming.


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