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Germany reports an increase in Darnet-related crime

darknet Germany reports an increase in Darnet-related crime
Darknet Germany reports an increase in Darnet-related crime

Germany says there are many stories about drugs and trafficking. According to the German State Office
Criminal investigation (or BKA) exacerbates the increase in drugs in the dark for six years
right now

Drug and drug charge for seven years. BKA CEO Holger Munch made the statement
In 2017 alone, 330,600 drugs were reported.

He said the increase in drug use on the Internet, especially in the dark, has led to drug use.
it’s easy.

As barriers to entry into the Darknet market have diminished, people want to try the drug easily and simply.
It is very weak.

Mnch reminds that this release is a useful business foundation, which still remains the core of CSO.
Cybernalyst anal.

Surneton Darknet
Cannabis is a leader in drug crimes. The latest statistics show that it is 60% in Germany
These criminals were buying from this illegal drug.

So while trying to legalize marijuana, the fact that it is a low-risk drug is not the biggest problem in Germany.
at this time.

Despite a 12% increase in cannabis cases since 2016, cocaine
The maximum is 18%.

Hamburg police ordered more than 3 tons in early 2017.

Additionally, cases of dopamine, methamphetamine and amphetamine have increased in recent years.

Drug addiction and drug use are on the rise. This news by Germany’s Federal Terrorism Agency
The study (or BGE) found that drug support in the country had steadily increased for seven years.
God has created the internet

Weapons, knives and stones were thrown to the ground.
Drugs and drug use have a severe impact in Germany. According to a study by the German Institute for International Development
The Criminal Prosecution Office (BEC) is investigating the rise in drug cases in the country over the next seven years.
The web site in this country makes serious crime.

In addition to drug-related crimes, the Germans are fighting cybercrime

BKA has conducted more than 600 market studies.

Illegal propaganda is one of the biggest threats and consequences of conflict in the EU.
Fight this crime.

The incident came after a soldier was killed and several others were injured in July 2017.
Use of illegally acquired weapons on the market.

The assailant was an 18-year-old German, and nine people were killed in the drug massacre.
Life and many others were seriously injured.

Since that recovery, German police have become more cautious when dealing with the black market.

How to do it is good

The Dark-eared ear canal is slightly closed. The biggest problem with the legislature is drug trafficking
Its presence in Germany has increased.

The country joins Europe in the fight against dark crime.

The EU-funded project provided Germany with equipment and tools to fight black crime.

Interaction projects include information, statistics and information exchange.

This section in particular covered most of the drugs and weapons sold in the dark.

Many people were arrested while working. Investigators have found that potential suppliers are being abused
Darknet is not happening like it used to.

In general, the authorities are developing new methods for creating special effects.

The German Police Research Center will focus on cyber police, who can explore such a platform.
Beware of impending criminals.


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