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God of the Dark Web (perfect scam podcast)

darknet God of the Dark Web (perfect scam podcast)
Darknet God of the Dark Web (perfect scam podcast)

Red Internet sells millions of people online, and over 10,000 types of drugs are sold online.

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[Very fake poster
Malbara Black Mash
Will Johnson: ERP will come to a full scandal this week.

Public chat hall
People were there for the worst.

I read people you know, people I don’t know, and people who don’t care about me. I was a disgusting person at the

Johnson: Back to the weekly episode of AARP Podcast of Perfect Scam. Will Johnson, I’m here
In my village, Frank Abagnale, director of the AARPs Fraud Diving Network. Frank, how are you?
Frank Abagnell: It’s good to be back, hey, congratulations.

Johnson: Frank, I think you can meet me if I can. they thought
After all, is it just me?

Frank Abagnale: I had no idea

Johnson: 40 years old

Frank Abgnel: Okay

Johnson: Is there a problem? I don’t know who will play, but I think Leonardo DiCaprio might return with Leon.
Because our podcast is challenging, we want to use this experience on black websites. Web mess.
Rich and rich drug tools, your security number you call, Doug Libra experts on the ArP Fraud Watch Network.
On a dark Web tour to see where to start.

Doug Libra: The Green Arms Network was founded by the US Navy in the early 2000s. Are you tired.
We know it’s new, of course. I have a plan
The name Junior Router, TOR T-O-R, is a place you go to on the dark web, but the first criminals are starting to pay attention.
The first part of the aforementioned technology, they say, wait, we can talk anonymously, let’s try
This is a good idea because we want to sell a lot of chemicals. Fifty-eight percent of all illegal activities involve illegal
drugs online.
Swap all kinds of products you can think of on the black network. There is also a purchase number.
What my products and vendors will look for in your digital security numbers
Numbers and personal information

Today we return to the origins of Brett Johnson. Many people think of him as the creator of modern dark web. At that time, Dr.
Brett’s life changed. FBI, intelligence and
Private companies fighting cybercrime

I sat down with Bruce and we talked for 0 minutes and I thought it was an amazing experience.
They fall victim to many scams. Breith has a unique history and he is a mediator for us.

Stage music

Johnson: “Isn’t my dad’s secret internet service a secret?” He said.

Brett Johnson: All right. I’m not proud of the title, but that’s what they say.

Johnson: Maybe Brett knows better than most of the dark web.

Brett Johnson: Probably more than great, especially in the dark and criminal networks. Maybe there are people
Someone has it and probably knows better than I do.

Johnson: I’m done. And the reason for this is first
Buying, can you call?

Brett Johnson. Yes it is

Nanson. Smoking is not a good thing.

Brett Johnson. Then, I created an organized cybercrime online community. He was known as a shadow worker
Modern Dark Net market Testimonials Key Requirements for New Cybercrime Photographs Still Available

Nonson. Brett Johnson grew up in East Kentucky. He described his mother as a pseudonym
Where did he grow up? He entered the warehouse and robbed eight hundred people.
The will of the owner

Brett Johnson: It’s useless, no, so I would say it’s the body, but it has more to say, physical activity.
The lid is neutral. I miss him and my siblings all day long. He left court and went to court
No, but yes, I have 10 years, sister 9. My mother has been missing for a few days. We didn’t have any food at home. Scroll to me
These kids are scared to go back. You know the certificate has arrived, look, look out the window, look
He went and saw if he was standing in the street in front of the house, I was scared and I was scared again. Dennis is young
Naturally, the child is angry. She hates it. In normal days. One day Dennis arrives
Break this home bar and top. Do I like the place you found it? To read, I am just stealing. I am the only one
Like, um, show me how you did it.

Johnson: Brett says life of crime ends in 10 years and started with Brett, his sister and mother
At the same time, it is affected and stolen.

Brett Johnson: I don’t want anyone to think I’m blaming my parents for the general election. Mai
My goal is to break the law.

Tina Johnson: Yes, it has to do with biology. Thanks for stating that, though
Of course you don’t have a good role model, you can, you should know, work without food. Your word. V
it is necessary

Brett Johnson. All right, all right.

onson. Remember when you first walked into your computer?

Brett Johnson. Texas Instruments TI-994A is my first computer. I’m 11 years old, and I think so.
Time: It’s just video games, proud of playing everything. Yes, above all, for the first time
Marang-rang 94, 95.

Will onsson. Yes, it seems to be a very bad thing for me. BT seems to inspire me too.

Brett Johnson: I like the computer and stuff. I agreed a little bit.

The music continues

Will Johnson: Brett’s first crime was to kill the blue elephant Beanie Bobby in blue
They found a blue elephant for eBay for B 1500. He continued to sell basalt with fake player signatures and was discovered in
How to insert small satellite systems and cables and change channels for customers who want to pay for it, Brett
It has reached the cybercrime world.

Stories like yours are always heard, apparently you are an intelligent person, you can legitimize everything.

Brett Johnson: Yes.

For John Johnson: God. I think you have it now, but it has crossed your mind or very soon
You can do things from a certain age.

So I know
Code of my mother My father does not like someone I do not like, I like my mother. While that’s not all.
He agreed and asked not to take anyone home. You asked my brother I didn’t use it,
However, he did it again and gave up. Trying not to lose love. As I got older, I understood
I thought I created it. I don’t want people to leave me. I don’t want to lose someone important to me
So I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to go
I want to make sure I always have help. I’m a very funny person and here I am.
He did it. Oh, I got to the point where I said, yes, I reach out to people and try to protect them. my
I have always justified myself in my cases.

Choice: And you can live with all its shortcomings or not.

Brett Johnson: It didn’t happen before. Yes, I did not miss sitting
Think about what happens when you commit this cyber crime when you break the separation line, you do not see
The victims were involved. Yes, search for information on the Internet and do not share it with the same person.
He still helped me pass the law.

Johnson: So when do you start a dark network? So first open an online store. Cotirkala?
come here

Brett Johnson: No, nothing.

Johnson: Is it a dark net?

Brett Johnson: No, I’m a cyber criminal now, so I was there because cyber crime was a minor crime.
It later became a business and its economy is good today. Yes, he was right in ’90, ’96, where I was
By selling stolen satellite cards, right? It is now about 97. I decided I needed to invest, no
I need a real document. So I don’t know how to get a fake document. So I went in and looked around. I think
Someone with ID, sent me a picture, sent me $ 200, and they separated. so good? I was angry
I am looking for someone who can identify with me. I didn’t get it. The next thing I found was a place called
They are fake bookstores and fake titles. it was. But this meeting was there but it was not there
I used the case, so I went to this level and complained about jumping every day
This is a printer. There are two other children at the same time. One of these is called Bensobus
Most of them are Saskatchewan, another of Mr X’s sons in Los Angeles

It’s Johnson and in the end, is your name Gollum Joy?

Brett Johnson: My name is Goal.

Johnson did it? Are you a fan of bell rings?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I’m the master of everything. This is so. I understand, sorry Beelzebub, hey
More than you can create a personality. So one day he sent me an ICQ message with a news service that looked like a colossus.
I can give you an ID card. I do too, how can that happen? So, I’m fine, fix one and send it to me. She loves it
Ask, I can give it to you for free, but he says he doesn’t want to. I would like $ 200. He told me
Because if you are in this online business, you can trust people. I love you so much
I now know that I am friends with the people who run the site. I want to tell you,
I’ll send you $ 200 to pick it up from the meeting place. I sent $ 200, two, two pictures
A week later, two weeks later, I received an Indiana ID from Steven Swake. Belshazzar did just that
I want to sell my ID, I have an idea, I want to make a mirror Or
Services are available at this conference. Now I meet the owners of this site and ask:
Can I hold this meeting? They like it, yes, you can save it. When I got off the stage, Beelzebub wanted to explore
A product that says you need to do this to understand how these products work. You can ask the questions you see
Everything is coming and you can learn how to do it. I want this to be a good idea. Let’s do that. When you start
We achieve this because there is no other place in the world.

Will Johnson: I’d love to hear. It seemed

Breton Johnson: His pasture was first.

Johnson will stay: product review?

Brett Johnson: I just checked the item.

Will Johnson: Some internet ads.

Brett Johnson: So someone got an invalid ID. I need to send their profile.

Johnson Johnson: And everything is wrong or bad, is this the kind of legal business?

Brett Johnson. Good business, how?

No. While dressing, taste

Brett Joh Onson fai. Alas, hello, I had almost a second.

Joh Onson. Is there anything for sale?

Brett Johnson: No, everything would be illegal. So if someone has a network
Look, you have to post me a few comments before I can sell them on the forum. Corresponds to fake ID cards or credit cards
Or something else.


Will Johnson: Finally, Bret Carder and the Ukrainian team created a website called Planet. Prisoner fell
Credit card numbers and board know how to pay them.

Brett Johnson: He worked with us, we went to the closed dark side and
Light sharing is an innovative product of the modern Darknet Market.

Will Johnson: Brett has been in place for three years and has over 1,000,000 members.

Brett Johnson: A member who knows what he’s doing can earn between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000 a month with a stolen loan.
Collect stock cards, products.

Will Johnson: They know how to encode a magnetic key on a fake credit card
The money is returned from the ATM. I made more money than that.

Brett Johnson: We start stealing between 30,000 and 40,000 a day, not 30,000 to 40,000 a month.

Johnson: You can have a lot in one AAT machine, right?

Brett Johnson: That’s right.

Johnson: Do you have any other shoes?

Brett Johnson: Yes, I’m not on the ATM because the card is displayed.

Will Johnson: But in 2001, Brett told the police everything.

Brett Johnson: He started looking for a way out and once called me.
Suppose SOB did what is called the Internet or income tax.

Come on: In general.

This person is stealing smart chips. I started it myself. Oh, I started in 2003. that’s all
I did this in 2003. After stealing, I steal 160,000 a week.

AND JOHN: Welcome.

Brett Johnson: It worked

Johnson: You have this, you need to get started

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I’m scared out. I was afraid I would go to jail for 10 years, so I left.

Will Johnson: So you are free. Did you make a lot of money at this time?

Brett Johnson: Well, I didn’t do anything, I stole a lot of money. This card with income tax
When I was in a gimbal, it was between 30 and 40 thousand dollars a month. Jump to income tax revenue. Scam
I stole $ 160,000 a week for ten months.

Johnson: And you want to put all the money into bed?

Brett Johnson: I put all my money in my pocket. So the Jansport bag is a bag to see
You can bring your class at any time, which in the 1920s could have been $ 150,000. I already know him.
Okay, and I have to pay taxes by going to an ID that I call every six minutes with a Sunday ID.
Wednesday, 8 hours a day, pays 200 taxes per week, so about 200, 80% of the money. April is the date of a joint trip
ATMs, morning, Friday or Saturday, actually two o’clock in the afternoon. ID appears from ATMs,
And I did not get 20 ATMs this week. Return Sunday Start again. Or money
Before the bag and I have it, I have a grilled chicken in Charleston, South Carolina, a man who has a bag
I put it in the room and took it, each bag was full, there were 150,000 in each bag.

Romantic music

Will Johnson: Well, I asked the ATM what happened, right away.
Maybe his credit card number is bigger than weapons and drugs over time?

Brett Johnson: My rule of thumb is three rules. This is not a bad rule.
No money, drugs or porn for children. We have nothing to do with child pornography. They began to produce drugs or weapons
Because we have a son who works in Oklahoma or Bertha. Wu works in a factory. Which
He can take weapons without numbers and sell 2,000 priests there. Us too
Start looking at me and the responsible person who always wants to give medicine. Good for the last
The annual football team, the first thing we were allowed to sell, was the environmental sale. So we have, 000,000 bullets
This thing The home is the atmosphere and the sun, then people sell oxygen.

Will Johnson: The CIA arrested 33 people in six countries over a six-hour period. This is Brett
He walked alone, but not for long. In 2005, the law was opposed.

Brett Johnson: I got a UPS diamond when I was in Charleston, South Carolina.
On-site delivery in cash, on-site delivery. When confirmed, I first met the driver, he told me, I told him my name, he said: Ive
I took the package. He gave me the package and I gave him the check, I think it was $ 23,000. And spin, right
FBI and Charleston Department, South Carolina. I held out my hand and looked at myself.

The music continues

Will Johnson: Secret Service visits while bullets are in state prisons. They told him what had happened. Do
For months, show kids how to work on the Dark Web.

Brett Johnson: I came this time, I had $ 30. I had to leave as soon as the Secret Service left me, I would leave
Go to a hotel room at Walmart and buy a prepaid business card to avoid taxes. I’m working
For 10 months my secret service followed the law every day.

Song segment

Johnson: Brett is in jail again. But it also breaks the law. Go to vegas
Every day he goes to the park and visits Orleans, the Orleans world he wants to access. However, Hussein was returned and exiled.
He was sentenced to 76 months in prison.

Brett Johnson: The criminal is a thief with no record.
Someone like me can be sent to a very secure tent camp and work outside the prison cell.
All I had to do was build a factory on the campus where I stayed for 6 weeks and departed that day. I have something
My wife has a wallet, a cell phone, and a wallet with credit cards. So I make 30,000 miles.
Friday Mass. The United States is supporting the whole region, so it’s waiting for Ukrainians.
The fun didn’t last long. I was bored and sent to Texas.

Jason: Do you like cameras?

Brett Johnson. Hey, look at me now I think my hair is red. My husband is very red
But, yes, there was no one like me then.

Onson, but they saw you.

Brett Johnson. He did the same. Working.

Onson Onson Brett returns to prison, surprised that the father you remember from the beginning was not in his life.

Brett Johnson: My father went to the county jail. There’s one in the county jail
Visit for 10 minutes. They ask me if I can do something for you? I’m like you, your sister, I greet you
What Denise said was that Denise called Im from Kentucky and the ocean (a 7-hour drive to North Carolina).
And Denise, who was pregnant, got in the car and took 7 minutes to find me and 10 minutes to tell me she loved me. And hmm
Once, when he was sent to Wuha, he spent 8 months in solitude and was sent to a prison in Texas, and I did not see him.
Five more years. It took him two years to get there
Prison and mind, not because I helped people, but because I decided to break the law.

Johnson: Are you looking for your soul?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, because prison is so boring that it attracts more people,
Unless you are a victim of excessive violence, you are right, you have time to act and think. Well, you went where you are now
He admits he did or offended someone. I’m also lucky
Accept what I do. So I stopped, I stopped in 2011, I have no hunger for breaking the law. But when you travel
He was released from prison with the same equipment he had visited. So I’ve been working for three years and I can ‘t touch it
Computer. So the only thing I could do was press the saw to cut and I was happy with the team. I’m 400 years old
I’ve been doing this for a week and I’m fine. It is excellent and the section of the page is created.

Musical angle

nson becomes onson. Meanwhile, Brett meets Michelle and marries him, but she leaves and returns to what she did.

Britt Johnson. Michelle is a worker. // A / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / The best people. I need to
know what to do
Please wait. I want to do something. I said I deserved it, okay. I woke up, bought a stolen credit card and started again
I cried for food and went to jail for 10 months. Michelle Michelle, this Kane is standing in front of me. He, he (she)
B) Sorry, hey, he never asked, he never, never hesitated, he was there.

He is the Enson. There seems to be something wrong with the last pillar or seller of the prison.
Look outside Michelle, who never left. He goes his own way to do the right thing.

Brett Joe Onsen. I go all over LinkedIn. You know that he was involved as one of the best criminal police officers in
the area
The crime began the day I left Pittsburgh today, the accused. I write to him
LinkedIn I love you, hey, I respect everything you do. I think he did a very good job for you, especially you and many
I want to work legally. Man, I agreed.

Will Johnson: Brett has a ticket to start a new life. You will start consulting law firms.
Share something you know about the Black Internet. Where to find small group secrets online
It contributes to the growth of much of the Black website today.

Brett Johnson: I know, how and why I grew up since the closure of the umbrella.
We have 4,000 closed members. On May 5, last year, the Alpha Bay website was closed on the Dark Internet. In the end they
They have 240,000 members in one place.


Johnson: And if you think of someone who connects fast to the Internet, you know, yes.
The first smile of a blue boy. Is this person different in my opinion now?

Brett Johnson: No, I do not think it’s anyone. I, I will not be like that, they will not say that I do not know
Like Alddin, I am still human. Yes, I think the difference is, as far as I understand, I know I have offended someone. I have
I do not think I will start over. However, I was really a king and I was lucky.
You know, I did a lot of damage. I steal, I live with people I know, people I have never been and never will be.
Regardless. Really, I think going back was the only thing that confused me at the time. I didnt say I was alive
Now, but I’m a good person, I tried my best not to change, but I can agree.
Let me assure you that my next choice is a choice that is good but dangerous.

Special songs

J. Johnson: I’m back with Frank Abngol, the network’s ambassador, Fred Apig. So much for cheating and cheating
They lost addresses and phone numbers, credit cards and all.
for that

Frank Abngal: Selling a lot of things, I always forget that there are two kinds of money. Money b
Like news, data pays and sells data on a bad page and relies on commercial information.
The grid is black .. On the same chat page, add a video
The window about which the information is. The problem is now complicated.

Will Johnson: So I ask your audience if I can steal money or a credit card.
Your bank account number also suffers from online shopping
We work

Frank Abagnale: You know he built you on the scene. I have visions and writings about them.
Column I use one credit card. No credit card, only credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card. every day
All my life I’ve spent money for credit card companies. I did not spend my money My money is in the money market account
There is interest. No one knows him because no one knows him. I went to the store with a credit card
Clean up your credit card. I climbed out of my credit card the next morning. I’ll tell you now
The number I can protect is numbers. But if people count, they’ll pay a million dollars
Under the law card and union law your debt will not be zero. Yeah Al it sounds cunning to me, I like BT Aint too
I live in debt as the debt increases. Once you receive a debit card, use it after presenting your credit card
Steal money from your account. I can use my credit card for the next 20 years 10 times
You will not increase your debt in one day. This is right. So I use one credit card. Publish
I keep her safe while she is online. If I buy something damaged online, I can not get it back
Safety. I was online and if they were stories, I made sure not to go when I asked. So is history
Sorry, I don’t have a problem with this card so I don’t see credit card online.
Until you tell the credit card company that you haven’t paid within 30 days of receiving the payment
I have no problem with the card in the app.

Johnson: What about the money? Do you make money?

Frank Abagnail: Ask for payment from the ATM. I don’t need a Visa MasterCard. An article
I do not want to say that I have money.

Vince NS Onson. They had:

Frank Abgnale. This is correct.

Miracle Onson. I think it is the same as before

Frank Abgnale. They did. I told my bank I want an ATM card.

Wilson Nonson: All right, re-use the credit card with Frank the lawyer and the ATM card.

Frank Abaniell: That’s right. Regardless of how correct you are, I will return
Outside, I also like to transfer money to a car, I use Visa or MasterCard. My bills were paid, but the plane was for me
No one can access my bank account, only visa.

Will Ninson: So the one person who really influenced your talks and advice was Jane Beam, who runs Facebook.
How Facebook Makes Money on Counterfeit and Shopping Listings
So, actually, he speaks well, but because of your words, he will join us now.

Song by Segu

And Johnson: Jane, thank you for coming again.

Jane Perrim: Hi, thanks for contacting me.

Johnson: What role do we have for you? It is called Jin Tir Al.

Jane Perm: Oh, oh, oh.

Johnson: Beam just cheated.

Jane Bam: I know, I can’t believe it. I open a Facebook page with a fake watch. I see scams every day
And I was kissed.

Johnson: It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Tell me what happened.

Good ray: Yes, so because of the big scam I get in the way of looking at credit card terms.
I get a regular loan from my bank account and I think it works well for everyone.
One morning we were looking at my credit card statement and I saw two payday loans.
Two cost $ 19.95 per word and I see red. I was so scared I thought TransUnion started
They banned me for this and charged me two double digits, so I thought they were fantastic
I was very happy and did not feel the same way. I called 800
My credit card status. I was looking at my personal details so my favorite wife called
I actually turned on the sound as if it was fun, I connected the phone to him and called the credit card immediately.
The business has priority.

Johnson: Jen Beam has a confusing Facebook profile, where can I get Zen from others?

Jen Baum: Follow me on

Will Johnson: Hello, thank you. Thanks to my colleague Frank Abanyal, Director of Fraud Detection Technology.

Frank Abaniel: Very good. Thank you for joining me.

Will Johnson: For information and resources on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from casualties.
The fraudster visited the AARP website. Fake Tracking Network, Thanks to the team of cheaters. Julie
Goetz, Brooke
Ellis Sound Engineer, Sound Engineer Steve Bartlett and Julio Gonzalez, IM William Johnson for the AARP Perfect Scandal.

We found the original article in ARP.

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