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Gollard’s mission captured more than 3,000 weapons set up in the Black Network.

darknet Gollard's mission captured more than 3,000 weapons set up in the Black Network.
Darknet Gollard's mission captured more than 3,000 weapons set up in the Black Network.

Operation Goldard, launched by Civil Defense Forces in 2012, has been a success in its efforts to limit trade and disarmament.
Dark Web Crimes More than 3,000 weapons and defense equipment have been sold on the black internet market
Prisoners were arrested, some were sentenced.

Mouth and web weapons
The operation began after the Civil Service Intelligence Service brought weapons to 2,100 people online.
Gijin, the mayor of Eugene, a well-known fighter and drug dealer on Dark Web
This was reported by Asturias Carillo Fernando.

Public Defenders responsible for gun control in Spa Spain in cooperation with the Arms Center.
The Total Fire Control (Picker) program was launched during the academic year 2015-2015. After AF 22, right foot surgery was
The dark, fully functional gun was confiscated and mounted for immediate observation. It starts with scratches
A total of 3 firearms were recovered and 25 accused were killed.

Spain Spain is known throughout the world for the possession and possession of unlicensed firearms.
Illegal control of weapons. Although the use of Internet caution is unclear
Currency seems to distort this rule. There are weapons in the dark city square.

The working group identifies links between drug trafficking, arms trafficking and terrorist cells and includes:
Important challenge. Most crime and communication occur on the dark web
Payments are made via encryption. This is not very well known and this is a big challenge for law enforcement agencies.
Controlled institution.

It is great for tracking modern weapons purchased from all over the world. Anyway, Rob
Captain Carillo, Israel and the Soviet government debated and we believe they were stolen because some were military. Fire arm
Parts of the weapon are automatic weapons, AK-47 rifles, shotguns and machine guns that can shoot more than 600 revolutions per
The prices of prisoners range from 1500 to 2100 euros and are sold on the online market.

The research is currently working on the possibility of four prisoners in Madrid, Torlevega and Asturias.
The crime organization itself. He accused him of carrying out illegal trade and war.

Jane was forced to pay extra for the use of licenses that had expired after a domestic violence dispute.
Table. He was allowed to work in a weapons factory for weapons storage, rehabilitation and collection. was arrested
His house has more than 200 armored vehicles, of which 183 of them are weapons and pistols.

Transport transport Tor Torvevega prisoners to a pharmacy in Madrid to buy and sell weapons in the black market.
There is no knowledge and consent of the people. Three of the complaints were approved.

Some instructions are sent from the platform above and encrypted messages to be kept private. This one
Investigators released weapons, sources, and weapons for crime
The Spanish Revolution (1914) is used for crimes as of March
French Girl Female and Travis.

According to the report, Operation Gollard can operate safely and reduce dangerous and non-destructive weapons.
In this business, they speak most Spanish. They are like drugstores and fun on the beach.


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