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Google Calendar also calls events used in combat mode

darknet Google Calendar also calls events used in combat mode
Darknet Google Calendar also calls events used in combat mode

July 18, 2019

According to researchers, spam is a strategy used in Google Calendar for visitors and event visitors.

The algorithm is very simple: aggressive and efficient
Request links to spam addresses
Submit your Gmail or G Suite username.
Gmail adds a calendar for calendar and user signals.
When the pop-up user clicks on the link, it is transferred to the fishing site
Or open the app directly to see what the pop-up looks like
Users can use it in a reliable Google Calendar
Contact them to check their spam filters
Togenization also

The researchers Kaspersky explains that cyber criminals send calendar calls with links to self-stolen URLs.
In Maria Virgil’s blog post
Get a call signal displayed on the mobile screen and force the switches to click on the link.
Visitors to visited websites must add credit cards and personal information.
Send directly to fraud

Kaspersky researchers have seen examples of fake games in the media
Cash bonuses are awarded to users with the following qualifications:
Or you have money in your name

Norman Hart, digital defense cloud engineer
He told SC Media UK that important news:
Consumer protection back to basics
Nowadays, Google app manufacturers want to put pressure on us
See what we found when shopping.
Sadness Calendar Invitation Looks Like Everyone
Today, questions and messages attract everyone.
Repent or turn away Imagine how angry he would be if he chased a stranger.
Do you often ask stupid questions?

The user needs to control the operation of the device.
Our normal application and application procedures should be limited.
Each other This will provide additional benefits in improving the service life.
Consistent and reduce stress That is a proven fact.
Common damage during transportation from smart devices
Sleep and health

Security inspection engineer Boris Sibut warned about this.
When managing reliable applications, you should pay attention to:
Request any email that you have been invited to mail and then
If you feel strange, incorrect, or unusual, please contact the person who sent you this invitation.
If he really submits, don’t delete links or references.
Scam code scam: negative words, advertising
Translate the URL page. If you have any questions, it’s better to get rid of it. Love.
Kaspersky says that the invention is not your friend if there is a problem.
For this reason, you should not invite to use your calendar.
You can view the history in your calendar and add it in other ways.

Google Terms of Service and Google Terms of Service
The production law prohibits us from delivering bad things
The service tag works just as well, so it was predictable
Abby is. Fighting spam is never a struggle
Great progress, sometimes spam.

We keep an eye on the protection of all of our spam users.
We allow users to search for junk content
Report your calendar with spam, forms, Google Drive and Google Photos
Keep junk mail attached. Except us
The security threats to users are warned
Safe URL for Google filters


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