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Google Calendar invitations and events used in fake attacks

darknet Google Calendar invitations and events used in fake attacks
Darknet Google Calendar invitations and events used in fake attacks

Updated on July 18, 2019

Researchers say Google Calendar is a way to use spam tips and events.

The mechanics are very simple: aggressive and fruitful
The unwanted calendar invitation contains phishing URL links
Users are redirected to Gmail or G Suite. Automatic for smartphone
Gmail automatically adds your activities to your calendar and alerts users
In the popup window. When a user clicks on a link, they are redirected to the site
Or download the program directly. At the bottom of the pop-up window
We can assure users of a reliable Google Calendar app
I spoke to them and introduced the Gmail spam filter
Association also.

Internet criminals send unwanted calendars with links to phishing URLs, the Kaspersky researchers explain
Maria Vergelis, in her latest blog
The message is displayed on the smartphone screen and the recipient is asked to click on the link. L ‘
The site mentioned below asked the victim to provide his credit card details and personal information.
Delivered directly to the scammer.

Kaspersky researchers have examined many of the charges involved in counterfeit money
Customers who claim to receive a badge,
Or change your money to your name

Naaman Hart, Cloud Security Series,
SC Media UK says the announcement shows a major change: it is an attack
We will continue to see the safety of our customers in the public interest
At the request of the manufacturer. In this case, Google is trying to harass us
Look for something to write to us when you get an answer
Right. Everyone’s attention is clear
These days, applications and applications are the special protection
Imagine how happy the newcomer would be if he didn’t follow her
Are you still asking the questions?

Users need to have more control over how the programs work
We and the information system will not start
Everybody. This will give you the opportunity to improve your professional life
Decrease and reduce stress. That’s the truth
All that is required is the equipment, which will do damage
Sleep well.

This was written by Boris Sipot, Security Advisor for Synopsys Change
Be extra careful when working with a trusted project:
Ask questions about each email and click on this feature. If so
Ask the person who requested this guest if they saw anything wrong, wrong, or common.
If it is still released. Do not interfere with, review or link to or link to
Looking for bad emails: bad words, ads
Translation, special chapters, etc. If in doubt, it’s better to destroy it. I want to
According to Kaspersky, such a design is not friendly
So do not allow the calendar request to include guest requests
At your meetings, you need to research and supplement as much as possible
Electric skiing

Google said in a statement that Google is subject to the terms of use
The product policy on our website restricts the distribution of the respective party
Experimental and effective interventions for prevention and effective prevention
Exactly. The anti-immigration war is never over
Sometimes good progress is made with the help of lies.

We try to protect all users from harm:
We will view media content and provide opportunities for users
Ads include Calendar Lander, Temple, Google Drive and Google Photos
So the cheater will join you. Otherwise, we are here
It protects users by alerting them to known processes
The URL is marked with an advanced index of Google Chrome pages.


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