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Google Calendar Invitations Phishing attacks activities

darknet Google Calendar Invitations Phishing attacks activities
Darknet Google Calendar Invitations Phishing attacks activities

Updated June 18, 2019

Researchers say the use of Google invitations and actions will increase traffic due to spam.

The mechanism is quite simple: attack the ship.
Invitation to an unwanted calendar that has a link to the URL itself.
Gmail or G Suite addresses will be sent to users. By default – smartphones.
Gmail will automatically add events to your calendar and notify you.
If users click on the link, they will be redirected to the app site
Malicious programs download directly. A new beginning
Users who use the trusted Google Calendar app can benefit greatly
There is also a spam filter in their relationship with Gmail

Inspector Kaspersky explained that cybercriminals follow links to Fishing-URL and add extra invitations to the calendar at the end
of the trip.
Maria Vardzlis in the new blog
[It appears
A voicemail will appear on the smartphone screen, and the recipient is still active to follow these links.
Distributed web sites tell victims to enter credit card information and add personal information.
Send it directly to the artists

Kasksky’s investigators found examples of the ban on voting
You get monetary results, a map,
Even if money changes your name.

Numan Hart, Senior Security Director at Digital Guardian,
SC Media told England that news had become more widespread: beatings
We also look forward to the security behind the interests of customers
Program Development Plan. In this case, we want to force Google
Find someone who asks us for answers as soon as we find them
To convey a statement on something that looks like
We have to look at today’s applications and strategies
Repent Imagine how embarrassing it was when an unknown number of people arrived
You ask different questions and always seem to ask different questions?

There must be some control over the active devices
Auto alert type should be limited to our installation time
there is not. This is another benefit of improving your working life
Balance and stress reduction. There is evidence of that
Regular education and intelligent equipment will make you sick
Sleep and exercise.

Boris Spot, conservation officer at Synopsis, warned
You should also be careful when mistaking the forms:
Questions about all emails and invitations you receive on this site .. Yes
If this sounds strange, unusual or unusual, ask the person who sent the invitation
If he is real. Posted Do not click the link or link and browse
Symptoms of the message are: inappropriate, obviously
Translate, custom URLs, and more. If you have any doubts, it’s best to get rid of them. therefore
Kaspersky points out that in some cases the use of technology for computers is not friendly
So, don’t let the app do backup
It’s your calendar, but it looks good when you don’t have a calendar
For stealing

The statement also states the Google Terms of Service
Trademark laws prohibit violence against us
Try not to activate the service
Mass. Access to war spam is not the end, it was the time when we created
Great development, sometimes via spam.

We are committed to protecting all users from spam.
We analyze spam and select users
There are also spam reports in text, files, Google Drive, and Google Photos
Like Hangouts, contacting them is inappropriate. We are together
Give users security alerts and alert them to threats
Googles secure browser URL.


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