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H.K. Telegram blamed China for the DDOS attack during the protests

darknet H.K. Telegram blamed China for the DDOS attack during the protests
Darknet H.K. Telegram blamed China for the DDOS attack during the protests

Updated on July 18, 2019

The telegram shows the actor’s finger sanctioned by the Chinese government
Cancel a distributed service attack after a cancellation yesterday.
Protests erupted in Hong Kong and its servers were shut down.

Telegram users are currently facing a DDOS attack
Some consumers in the United States and other countries may like it
Connection issues are provided in the tweets of the encrypted messaging service [
June 12 at 4:20 p.m., then an hour later, at 5:15 p.m.
Messages were posted on Twitter
At least, it has already been accepted.

When a Twitter user asked if Telegram could track the source of fake DDoS traffic, Telegram general manager Pavel Durov replied:
[Use your Twitter account to ignore IP addresses
Mainly in China.

The significance of this part of China is that of the citizens of Hong Kong
By the above principles, it is not fully used after the end market
In the country of doubt it is easy
Kong Kong invaded China and other parts of China. Citizens
China recognizes municipal law as a means of control
Land Management

Developers often use a service like Telegram for configuration
Their work is free in government, but yes.
If there is no DDoS attack, they lose access to their system.

Throughout history, the government is the creator of the DDoS (200-4-400 Gb / s stream) that we are increasing today against Hong
(Designer letelegram). Durrov said the incident was not an explosion.

Telegramsio Powell Durab is an idiot who does not condemn the Chinese government
Compare by email China was the first to be attacked
The attack took place on the website and DDoS said they were talking about a number of attacks against GitHub in 2015.
Content or link to China’s blockchain newsletters.

According to the bishop, phone users do not have access to this service
You must use a VPN to connect to different countries
No connection to TelegramOS
Attacked. Some VPNs allow you to use Tegegram in your photos
The Chinese, they often say.

It is a form of attack on bookmarks and online tools
Stop internet marketing, education teacher Mark Skilton
Warwick School of Business. It is not technology
ISP and NSP launched a cyber attack
Customers. For security reasons, you do not need a strong code inside the phone
Solve traffic problems.

New technologies are needed to prevent this attack
It is not possible to work together beforehand
Join the network if it is controlled by the Chinese government
Currently. Usually something happens with excellent communication skills
Education. But I think these people pay more attention to graduation
There are active people, qualified people, researchers and consultants
Network security. However, we do not know if it was made public
A cyber attack is a cyber attack. see
The telegram was used for a certain purpose to guide users
The refusal of the service may be a sign of further development
This service is part of a professional attack.


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