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Hacker Forum where hackers hack personal internet accounts.

darknet Hacker Forum where hackers hack personal internet accounts.
Darknet Hacker Forum where hackers hack personal internet accounts.

Updated July 18, 2019

Hackers, hackers and other groups of hackers could not use security measures to protect their accounts.
Old body.

The story is really funny and real. There is a popular forum called Ojigusers to help hackers win on Instagram.
Username of the bird, Domino pizza, steam, PlayStation network and other accounts stolen by pirates.
The information was also posted on other hackers’ forums.

About 113,000 forum users were given confidential information through bankruptcy
Email included. Email address, hash password, IP address, personal
Site records, sources, information and activities.

Due to irregularities, on May 12, 2019, the Director of Oculus removed the individual cases.
Posting and scoring forums.

Unfortunately, another hack network called Administrator Right Forums reported that the user downloaded the forum database.
The free download stated that on May 12, 2019, the stadium violated the Odysseers.

I have collected information from these violations and loans, “he said
In their file sources on the site. It is a crack machine
The default salt is MD5, which impressed me with the publisher
He accepts corruption numbers, but he does not violate them, so I think he is the first
To tell you the truth, see his statement here [or not
Go to his website here and see [According to his statement, recently
Backing up, so I thought you had one of those problems.

The script was verified for data leakage and it was verified that the database contained original information.
Users and users, email addresses, passwords, personal messages and IP addresses
About 113,000 user subscriptions.

OGusers joins SIM Exchange to steal phone users and restart Instagram
Enter the username and password for your country’s contacts.

In this case, some users have already received a copy of the account and email address.

OGU users:
It was almost 3 years online and it was the first time
it became. I think I have anxiety in my heart
I’m sorry, everything has happened lately. I am sorry again
It happened and I will do my best not to happen.
The OGusers office said:


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darknet Licensed Copywriter and Computer Attack

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