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Harper Woods Schools, chief financial officer of MI, accused of having child pornography

A former district employee at Harper Woods School is charged with sexual misconduct

James Dennis, a 63-year-old Harper Woods resident, was hired as the school district principal. You think
Dennis County had a third-party employee and costs unrelated to personal equipment and housing.
School district.

The case is being investigated by Harper Woods Police, according to the Wayne County Law Firm
Unused materials, including young children, were found on several Dennis electronic devices in a Harper Woods home.

On May 14, there were four areas of child sexual abuse and four areas of computer use.
commits a crime. He received a $ 100,000 bail, asked not to contact young children or use them without the internet
To work.

Dennis’ lawyer, Sanford Schulman, said he objected to the validity of some of the documents.

Now we go to the district court (my client) to which I have three years appeal.
Check all documents from your office, government offices. Research in this aspect has been going on for some time. I understand
Ive never seen anything called pornography in an official office like Porn Hub. I made the right decision
Child pornography and (documents) often appear on pornographic pages or are provided by people. These places
Make 600,000 together in one day. It is unknown if he is 19 to 15 years old.

Investigators say they have not already shared information on the case, which is still open.

Harvard Wood general manager Stephen McGee has confirmed that Dennis is not a candidate for the Harper Woods.
The city is taken lightly.

I cant comment yet because its an open question. I can guarantee that the service will vary in different areas.
On trial day, McGee said protecting our children was our third priority. There will be a government
Work with law enforcement


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