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He pleaded guilty to 11 stolen ice operations and paid 3.2 million in black receipts

darknet He pleaded guilty to 11 stolen ice operations and paid 3.2 million in black receipts
Darknet He pleaded guilty to 11 stolen ice operations and paid 3.2 million in black receipts

While border authorities continue to tolerate false or false corona virus testing, immigration to the United States and its
practice is in danger.
notify the COVID-19 Agency to prevent equipment forgery and criminal activity during this infectious disease.

A study on the Patriotic Security Agency (HSI) was published this week
A promise to steal, which ICE officials promised to share
rings and human trafficking with fake equipment or test equipment
Many groups who want to buy test equipment are tricked

Crime organizations that have historically been involved in financial fraud are key to detecting coronavirus epidemics
and promotional packages with non-financial benefits. This network exports and sells fake security
Illegal substances and test bags, drugs and hygiene products and the operation of illegal sales websites.
product, ICE declaration

The agency said it hopes to prevent financial fraud if families take control of federal online fraud.
An account or email next week and more and more small businesses and communities are receiving donations
Congress through the Act on Help, Assistance and Security Coronavirus (CARES).

HSI uses its powerful experience and knowledge to use the Internet and hide websites
Assists in the sale and distribution of illegal COVID-19 goods, commits financial crimes, and helps Americans
People. This offers all the benefits to anyone who focuses on customers with counterfeit financial projects or products.
Alice Erichs, general manager of HSI, said the effects on the health and safety of the United States were “extremely high.” This
is a general test
It comes with the government’s overview of controlling, investigating, and arresting those responsible for community violence.
Warts associated with COVID-19 infection.

HSI’s special agencies have launched more than 130 investigations,
3 million and 3 million abuse, fraud, 225 exports
Illegal and / or unauthorized use of COVID-19. He did it too
According to the agency, nine people were arrested and at least seven search warrants were issued.
Talk. He is integrated into the customs staff of many organizations.
Border Security, Food and Drug Administration, EU Publication
Testing Service, USA USA Secret Service, IRS and FBI

There are several of them, from New York to Texas and California.
Hospital and community reports are misled by incorrect or incorrect purchases
It is not intended to do what the user believes.

For example, employees in Laredo, Texas earlier this month
However, she believed she had purchased 2,500 COVID-19 test machines
These tools do not seem to recognize the virus.
Antibody test to determine if a person is already immunized
Viral reaction A city like Webb County is incomplete
Payment for unused test equipment.

The city announced its death on Thursday, COVID-19
The disease is spread by 64 doctors in its main hospital.
After a week’s delay due to incorrect equipment,
On Wednesday, the pilot began with about 50 tests
As of Friday, about 1,444 residents have been tried
A total of 260,000 people have been displaced since the outbreak a month ago.

Even if we got worse, we didn’t have enough tests
Victor Troy said.


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