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He was arrested on the GA website for fishing

Bulloch County sheriffs arrested a man who allegedly bought and sold drugs through a “dark network”.

Collin Castillo, 21, is listed as a student in Georgia
The university was charged several times after months of investigation into the allegations
He takes drugs home on Hvi. 67, Bulloch County Sheriff
Noel Brown.

Last month, Crloch County Police opened an investigation into Castillo on suspicion of selling liquid esitol, a benzodiazepine
that has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. “Cryptocurrency did not report and paid for the import to the
United States through a malicious website,” he said.

Brown said the CST team led the “buying secrets at work” and Castillo was arrested for buying “cryptocurrency” on Xanax on the
dark internet.

Castillo sent drugs to his home, but was stopped by police
1100 boards of incompatible signals
“It can be built anywhere in the United States,” he said.

Castillo was arrested on drug trafficking charges under Annex IV; Table III. Pharmaceutical technology; Possession of a weapon is
a violation of the law; Table III. Criminal proceedings for drug distribution; Use less than one ounce

He was arrested and held in the Buglan Lawn area without bail and is expected to begin his case.


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