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Hockey forum where hackers hack into their online accounts

Updated July 18, 2019

The thief could not take security action with other foreigners.
The group laughed.

This is very interesting and true. OG is popular for hackers looking for Instagram status.
Internet, account theft
The group and its campaign spread to other scam prevention group meetings.

The contest showed that more than 113,000 readers read the forum
Includes email address, password, IP address, password
Mobile information, web pages and its functions.

On May 12, 2019, the OGusers agency recalled that the failure of the hard disk could delete a private message that lasted several
Forum articles and success points.

Meanwhile, a Heiden community called Redforms claims to be burning Google Forum data.
Download the free link and it is also stated that the forum was hacked on 12 May 2019.

That is why I say that I have installed the output data from this site
With your own online source files. The algorithm is a drug degree
However, the negative demand from MD5 is that I like site owners
Accepting the corrupted data, not the infringement, I think I am the first
If you want to tell the truth, stop saying it here [or you don’t like it
Visit their website here [as they say without specific information
Come back, I think I will give you one of these lands.

It verifies the received data about the recorded data and verifies whether the data is related to the original data.
OG users appear to include usernames, emails, passwords, private messages and IP addresses.
Published by nearly 113,000 users.

Ogoserus members took part in the attack to steal phone numbers and replace SIM cards to restore Instagram.
Buy usernames and passwords under the conference.

In this case, some users have received fake emails about their email address and email address.

After 3 years as an engineer from above, this is the first time he has committed a crime
It just so happens that I can understand everyone’s anger
Excuse me, this happened recently and I’m sorry again
I will do my best to make sure this happens and never will again.
– said Augustus.


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