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How to access onion websites?

darknet How to access onion websites?
Darknet How to access onion websites?

Updated July 18, 2019

In order to use most Hidden Marketplace websites, you need to download .onion
Malpera Tor. Access to this site is easy. For those of you who don’t know it yet
To make the transfer easier on any deeper site, we’ve created a simple guide for your browser and the TOR network.

A brief description of the Union’s location

.onion is the dual domain of the domain host
(Terms that ours have used before, such as .bitnet and .uucp)
Time) identifies an unknown hidden function that TOR has access to
Network. These addresses are not DNS names and the name is TLD
The Internet is not rooted in the DNS file, but with the current proxy program
Installation (in most cases Browser TOR), Internet applications
Each browser has access to websites with .onion addresses
Use on the TOR network. The purpose is to use such a system
The goal is to find the information and the people who have reached it
It is difficult to track this information one by one
Middle hosting or an external resource.

To download the sites:

1. Search the TOR project’s website at and download the latest version
The installation software does not download the browser from another site! Please confirm this document
You can use:

Tar heads [2. After downloading the color button
Like any other software.

Tor solutions [3. Then configure the TOR browser to start
TOR website (which can request connection information, click OK)

You will find other important points [4 after opening the browser
Check the screen to make sure you’re using the latest data to make sure your browser is connected and everything is working
Browser page:

Very clean [5 buses! You’re ready for a trip, it’s over
You just have to enter the .onion URL in your browser and you can view it for free.

Browser [Make sure JavaScript is not disabled
Player. Always be safe
Invest anonymous funds online, such as PGP or Anonymous
For VPN. Enjoy detailed information on the web!


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