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How to design your own bulb website?

darknet How to design your own bulb website?
Darknet How to design your own bulb website?

You think you have a hidden .onion site.

How much can the BBSR do for us?
You can hide the .onion page in minutes. All you need to do is read the article and the whole project
Watch out.

Step 1. Download the first WAMP SERVER from

[Fig. 2 No speed
To start the Windows website, select the latest edition of Vampire Server and start installing the Vampire Server.
You may be instructed to run PHP 7.2 or a vampire server or a subsequent Didos attack, but be sure to mention
View MySQL Server.

Step 3. Make sure the vampire is working properly. Type locally and press Enter in your browser.

If you find something in the country after a survey of experts in that country, the vampire server will be very successful.

[4. Saili
Go to the website and add your own website or create a new website C: wamp64 www

Step 5. Distribute network from man official website

Close the site.

Work now. Torres files are now customized

[Based on your username
Slide down or open manually.

C: You use your desktop computer … Tor browser Davy browser

On your laptop, open the hang file and add this line to the Hat file

# Repair work

C: \ Hids ServiceD \ Jatin users Tor_Service

Hidden treatment 12 80

After adding this line, create a tor_service file in your username
C: \ username / username / tor_service

[Torchia’s cards look like this
After adding this message to the TORCC file, save and close it.
[The list has the following features
If you are using Linux with this number, add text
# Secret services

HiddenServiceDir / root / tor_service

HiddenServicePort 80

The last step. Start the city view and navigate to the folder you created in the last step C: \ Users \ username \ tor_services.

Open the host directory

[your .onion domain name
You can then open your website with a web browser.

If you need help hosting a website or something, visit our Reddit section or the Reddit forum
link below or contact us for feedback.




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