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How to use Tor as a Socks5 name for IRC networks

It happened on July 18, 2019

The Tor system uses the default configuration function. These relationships are important to every person
Not only does it allow people to use this site safely without the need for notification, it also allows people to hide it.
Common places. Today I am going through a large part of today’s tutorial on connecting to IRC servers via a pipeline.
(If you want to use the powder as a snake marker in all situations, please follow our instructions here.) Remember me
I explain it from beginning to end as I study a column.

The first step is to download the latest version of Tor from the Tor server. X-Sausage
Open the file. You can easily access them by going ahead and opening access to your files. for me
I moved all the files to a folder on my desktop to access at any time. Clean everything
Lets say our simple words.

Now when you are ready to use Tor, you will see four files and a file called Run Tor Browser SirX. Only 100% of all information is
available on this site!
Tor Tor Browser.exe launches now. Take care of all your tools now, there are many more things in your life
Easy because it was his last time. When all these menus close, you will fall in love and be appreciated
Great site that says you are awake to use the column and plan your trip in advance! We invite you to take on another
responsibility for the home
Dual control key configuration. This page is not required, but at least you should visit S.
Open it to see the world, and click Disable Keyboard. This will protect you from unnecessary expenses
Data while browsing the Internet.

The beautiful crane browser is now working. You need to keep the Tor browser open for the next step. It is closed if it belongs to
someone else
The watch closes the connection. For example, I am using the hexchat IRC client. Rely on search from IRC server
You do, but a simple search in the directory directory certainly gives you the answer. Then hex chat or start
Login and pack and/or settings for the selected IRC client. You need to log in to the network from this menu
And/or part of the model.

irc hexchat [In this menu you need to define a proxy
Help option In this example, the host name must be or the local guest. Everything works
Port 50 must be populated with 50-40. 5 socks are included. Finally, you need to define the usage context
All in one place. To remove it, the IRC client contacts the IRC server 12.050 port via the Socks5 proxy.
Therefore, all IRC affiliates are bound. Once you have entered all of these, click OK.

irc hexchat [just add the server
If you decide to use SSL or other settings yourself, choose a name based on your preference.
in this way! This will connect all Tor encrypted items to the IRC server via a link! this
It is not limited to IRC. It can be used to link to properties such as Firefox, Chrome, Pidgin, etc.
FTP, paste, etc.


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