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In Spain, marijuana suppliers have been arrested by Spanish police

Police investigators have arrested a citizen described as the killers site.

Authorities have arrested a man in Malaga for using oil
Tor-Tor is designed to protect user privacy
Voice code, encryption technology and cryptocurrency.

It will take you through a link to the website
Arrange for drug release once police find the location
The Internet is used to uncover the secrets of drug use

The move culminated in his arrest last year
Spanish officials are investigating the swearing-in using black websites
Other technologies of drug delivery.

Black cyber drugs are on the surface, police said in a statement
Retailers sell their products and often have eBay style tips
The feedback system allows buyers to improve their reputation when bidding
Greater customer service.

Some offline markets offer buyers and sellers
Ability to communicate and exchange information in a quick conversation
Hidden services online and forums.

Thanks for registering, one of the most active online chats
According to a press release issued by the national police, the buyers have been arrested.

He has been arrested after speaking on a black network at Mizaga’s home.

Authorities arrested two kilograms of marijuana during the operation
One small package, two computers, ready to ship
Envelopes and packaging, vacuum packing machines and cutting machines
And the average weight.

Surveys are open to search and find more than 600 vendors online.

The police did not use the trader’s name in the market. More information will be shared soon.


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