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Infected software with a phishing script has been downloaded 102 million times from the Play Store

Updated August 1, 201

A two counterfeit commercial has recently been found at 34.34
Android Trojan is already installed
Researchers reported that it was 102 million times from the Google Play store.

Android.Click 1211. An error and Android.Click 13113. It seems that only Trojan horse wrong click is pre-developed.
According to a blog published by researchers in Russia last week, consumers are applying for premium services without approval.
A series of doctors from antivirus companies

Malware was detected in others.
Cards, KR code readers,
Vocabulary, health manager, manager, word processing program,
Muslim apps and more. Several blog posts have been reprinted
The application offers written complaints from consumers in Kiril
The attackers seem to target Russian speakers.

After the first release of Android.Click.312.origin and its changes
It takes eight hours to create the Android.Click.313.origin version
Harmful action, hoping to stay under the radiator. After activation
Again, it sends the same different data to the customer
Server management and administration, including device and template manufacturers
Operating system version, resident system and standard
Language, user agent identification, mobile operator, type of internet connection,
It displays application settings, time zone and data
The first is the Trojan tree.

The website address is collected by Android.Click.312.origin
Open invisible links for the web page and browser
He writes about Google Play in his blog. As for the facilities
Install and control the server and guides
In addition to Troy, Google Play ads
Upload all websites, ads (as well as videos)
Another dubious title. This allows the detection of malware in secret
Top services without notifying victims.

Dr. Webb, where Google removed several apps from their store
After notification of danger; Probably from August 8th
Programs still have a malicious module and are available


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