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Interview with Bitbazaar Market Manager

darknet Interview with Bitbazaar Market Manager
Darknet Interview with Bitbazaar Market Manager

Hello everyone. I think you are safe because you know the market is gone.
It is public fraud for information theft or official law enforcement interference. Bit Bazaar is one of the most interesting
markets that we have entered
That is all. In the short term, it has become a connected intermediate market.

I have been able to talk to this government several times in the past few months. We interviewed him in 2020. April
Here we are talking about several things that affect your marketing and the gloomy environment of the Internet. Unfortunately, I
don’t have time for this
We will post this later, but this is a complete interview that will not make you happy.

C. Strange: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. (At work)

President Bit Sasa: I am the marketing manager and responsible for monitoring the security and traffic of all servers.
Reduce attacks and avoid needles) and look for user attempts to block spam and spam requests.

s. Abroad: Did you sign the PGP document to prove that you are a BitBazaar manager?

Bitbazaar Manager:
—– PGP signature messages —–
Hash: SHA512

I am a BitBazaar manager and I am responding to this forum
April 26, 2020

—– PGP signature —–

O2kZ4A / + LsVIEyZyJWexWKlJnDNEK0vHyPl3fdbvM / mjhK + OF3JMoC4tLrBIoixC
“BcZvIBKWfOnikDRCQ / dB5uZELSYNM6zr64DTd8P9IZZ6anvYllMk8 + PSGsSzHxH”
C / 0STO5xlxvBTiUz + GC6LX6VDT4bLtUYYjX0cEk8TyZ / PEJkNfaeRF4fomrpdrbF
sl28zjw3KGCT + A / HRugMRURzHhF6r3WAy18ONtPLfCFpAQpHWAQa2AxK7i + 8Ewxy
DeOVouC5IfkGyJhyMbKkc + / MaT9WbFQl3FpvFJz9nV9YRMJU / + 4Mxj176hhC + c0I
3FHaC7KrBs5y2d0w3boMbHMPqdhF3q45Jg / dK / F3bderh56wk7aUjKTzPgLuHNV
vDCxhUiDdT1G2aaVVd + XZRCX6m + yBn6pxcu2hunWdEb83ktKoonAq5v3EB0wNhI
MIY4dFniCUJ / mTBdLknGTbCbEks067l7p3uqX2DjQpJeiKNrasM3jVnArmD31Mp0
Euh2LxLl5OXtDqBuYVdr5DmVGIOlV + rdZ0rWmRJJz6khf / tkWdA =
—– Recent Events —–

C. Alien: You Can Tell Bitcoin Stories (For Those Who Don’t Know)

Bitcoin Administrators: Managers of the Dark Network are old users and unfortunately, we were attracted to many, so we started
Develop new and new markets so that we can ensure security and never stop fraud. At the same time
We listened to our friends and staff and now months later Bitbazar has moved from the community market to the community market. He
was strong
Because we are always in control but it makes us stronger than before.

Q. Abroad: How is Bitcoin different from many other markets? What makes it safe for the market
Used / better than others?

Bitbazara Manager: We always strive to build quality and stay complete, safe and secure in the market. Our captain
Examples are: free purchase (eBay style), buyers may buy or not work.
Banks are linked to your account and all orders have a short bank account and account password.
After 24 hours of support, most messages are lost on the server (response time ~ 5-10 minutes)
In a multinational third party company (BTC, XMR, LTC, Dash, ETH, BCH) and similar to the UI / UX 1% Commission
About 20% of the rest is black food, sugar cane rations and more.

C. Alien: How do you know the terms of users, products, and marketing from Apollo? Size of
Customer (list / number of users)?

Bitbazar Administrator: maximum 200% of users and 646% of users. Empty food,
The number of subscribers increased by 646%, but today it increases by +16,000 list with +97,000 subscribers.

C. Alien: Do you have money? I see that you / your company are constantly working in the market.

Bitbazar Manager: This information cannot be provided. Set the lowest level (only 1%) for anyone in the dark.
Employees need to provide, maintain services, create new features and security
Community renewal.

Third. External: Will you implement PGP encryption or will you sign up for PGP / 2FA?

Bitbazar Manager: There is a section for buyers on the FAQ website and we recommend two FAs. now
Implement two units of the FA’s developing manufacturers who are trained in their ability to train and create users and systems.
This is a scam service that automatically encrypts all sensitive information before sending it to other users / providers.

C. Definition: What do you think of Bitcoin? What do you think will grow the market in 6-12 months?

Bitcoin Developer: As we said, we are still working to make the community loyal, safe.
The workplace has caught our attention with several scammers and we expect the market pace to pick up again.
The hurdle is to make it safer than some of our OPSC staff who say we will stay here
With the work of lost public people and work alone. What is your goal for the next 62 months? Every 6 months we want to be third
Largest market and 20% dark deals. We want to be in 12 months
Exit the market within one year and complete at least 50% of the covered transactions.

He was. Emigrants: How many Bitcoin employees are there now?

Bitcoin Developer: Our team consists of 6 players who work as security experts, developers, attackers and assistants.

He was. Emigration: You have security staff who answer important customer information or answer customer questions
Bitcoin security? Are vulnerabilities checked in the Bitcoin system?

Bitbazaar Administrator: Yes, our platform is monitored on a daily basis, so we have security experts dedicated to receiving new
and analyze it on the BitBazaar platform. The 24-hour support service is always ready to receive reports on violations and
and included in our Bounty Bed bug program

C. Foreign Kaiane uses all the features needed to customize both merchants and users. What about the last two days
to invade your market as soon as another dark market arrives?

Bitbazaar Administrator: First of all, we are facing severe DDoS attacks and older users who remember Christmas when we were
attacked and
I left the attack two weeks ago. With the help of the community, we are stronger than ever and have +100
server to keep BitBazaar online and reduce all attacks, because now we have the strongest platform in the dark
photography. DDoSed we received 400,000 requests per second all the time and within a few days, but the technical team worked
it was great and we certainly are.

C. Alien: We noticed you were using the same “DCH Captcha” built by the HugBunter Dreads driver. I don’t think that’s a risk for
Do you use code created by other market managers? Have you tried any of the settings?

Butt Market Manager: Captcha is not the only fear. We have created our personal database by analyzing their codes
This way we can check if it is 100% clean.

C. Alien: Am I still dreaming? How good is this captcha?

Bit Market Manager: This new captcha model works better, as we said a few days ago, we have 400,000 searches per second, but here
Captcha helps reduce our attacks.

C. Abroad: Do you have any suggestions on how to create stability and use it reliably for market customers?

We always recommend disabling the JavaScript administrator to disable the Tor configuration Java script and use queues (or cookies
+ on-niki).
Always create 2FA based on PFA to ensure the security of your accounts and prevent financial losses. Therefore, we strongly
recommend that you do not do this
Visit our forum using our official URL (like our links listed on and you’re not sure when someone will start.
Different perspective. Always encrypt sensitive information before sending it to another user.

Milosevic: Question – Foreigners – Do you want to add something else?

We would like to thank for this interview.
History of Bitbazar and key principles. We stay here for a long time and try to cooperate with each other
We are committed to ensuring that the entire dark community has a fuller, safer and more secure market. To enjoy
Use the darkness, use BitBazaar.

At the end of the interview

I hope you liked this discussion as much as I did.

G. anonymous


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darknet Contact the Bitbazaar product manager

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Since 2015, Darknet has conducted 600 reviews on the German market.