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IoT idle test camera: Can show duplicate videos

Security analysts are figuring out how dangerous the Internet of Things is
The network may contain information about network security
Devices such as IP cameras and Philips Hue lighting fixtures
The system.

Although some devices were successfully attacked, the researchers felt pain as the attack was in the spotlight.
Instead, the network protocol system selects the risk that is specific to the device.

When we started the lab analysis, we first noticed that some devices did not support covert protocols.
Devices that support Video Transfer (SRTP), File Transfer (SFTP) and Network Management (HTTPS) and protocol systems.
Not used directly. Key Outcomes: Unprotected protocols configure and manage multiple Internet devices;
Provides movement and mobility, identifies personal and confidential information, including patient information
In this video, a forensic expert said

Imagine that the attacking party found it on the network (evidence of theft or similar theft).
There are many benefits to compromising with IP security cameras and forcing them to remain silent about language
Video recording of Hollywood songs. The IP Camera Attack aims to link RTSP commands between cameras
Also online video recordings (NVR).

Fake security cameras [three attack cameras
Step: consolidation
Network traffic, which includes and plays videos on the camcorder,
Then replace the cameras to complete the current turn.
The last question was asked when you tried to use NVR GET_PARLAYTER
Create a new session. Type and edit the SETUP sentence.
Customer doors for others. It can be passed on to the attacker
Transfer recorded videos to NVR while watching
Distribution port

These results show real results, said Elisa Consol, Director of Industrial Innovation and Technology.
Threaten home users from home businesses and IoT devices. The connected camera must provide a separate area
Organizational security mobilizes them. However, our research shows that the opposite always happens. Gray
Using an unencrypted video streaming protocol and attacking ordinary people, we hide and record
Real-time recording, it is then used to change channels in real time. In fact, it allows criminals to put this method into
In the real world, cryptocurrency is a mess: they are free to break the law because they are secret.
Surveillance camera.

In the case of Philip Howe, the researchers were able to do the same.
The system not only monitors and turns off the lighting system, but also controls it.
Reset shared IP devices to make them public
Remote access on the bridge and access via the bridge
Network access point

The researchers point out that Phil Hinlet used an API between devices and bridges, based on SL queries.
Used successfully when referring to true text validations with API requirements. Characters can be copied
Attackers gain access to the network and can disrupt traffic. The correct token will appear on each verified request.
It explains that the network address format and API tabs are clear

Fully equipped and not vulnerable to such an attack
Platform working area, final assembly.


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