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Iowa police are looking for a suspect in a fake web credit card scheme

Clive police are searching for suspects who used city lights as part of a phishing program.

Detective Cleo Mario Coleman said he was watching
Suspected alleged or misleading credit card copying

The person who did it finally started
ATMs and convenience stores, buy and
“It’s about making money,” Coleman said.

Coleman said he believed the suspect had been hospitalized
Silently chew and destroy like hospital documents

‘They have to throw or throw bullets in their seats
Shops or shops or shops are everywhere
this paper is really used, Coleman said.

Coleman said 13 people are involved in the fraud, which are all Bankers Trust customers.

The Bankers Trust says it all starts with criminals
Information from the dark web and then send the text to the person
as with their bank and give them secure transactions.

“They saw that message coming.” Community transactions
Do you agree “No” or “Yes” is valid.
not allowed, which leads to a lawsuit
this and that as it seems will come
Banks, Jodi Selby told the Bankers Trust.

The bank believes this is actually a mobile phone robbery
The customer has the phone to check if it is in the bank. Inside
Some of the requirements are:
The bank did not hear.

“We are trying to figure out what the problem is.
Read in your wallet. If anyone learns to accept
Keep a balance of their account, we love their names and want them to know you
We read what we know in each report, “Selby said.
she said.

Selby says they will never ask you for your PIN or network account
In this case, do not provide a password and contact your bank
Visit the branch directly or directly.

If you want to receive an SMS request
Install and search now
Your bank has not responded to this or has contacted your bank
From there you can contact the law enforcement agency.


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